My own blogging ethics: As a blogger, I respect other people’s rights (e.g., their right to intellectual property, copyright, privacy, etc.) and I expect others to respect mine as well. Since I own this blogsite, and I expect my readers and commenters to follow or abide by my house rules.

My primary purpose in creating and maintaining this blogsite is purely selfish in nature. When I created this blogsite, I never thought of other people, what they might say, how they would react and behave, and what they would think of the person behind it—I only thought of my desire to express my mind, to express the word “I”. Every word or sentence on this blog is an expression of my ego, and every entry reflects my consciousness, my views, beliefs, and convictions. I write commentaries not to preach, because I don’t believe that it is my primary duty to be concerned with others, but to express the things that I strongly believe in. My goal as a blogger is not to please everybody, because pleasing everybody is impossible. You can’t please other people without losing your soul and sense of self. If the purpose of a blogger is to ‘go with the flow’ and agree with the so-called collective mindset, then I would have to stop writing. Like  Victor Hugo said: “If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away.” This blogsite expresses my personality; it is the reflection of my consciousness.

I do  believe that every person consciously or unconsciously holds a certain form of philosophy. Man cannot live without philosophy. He needs a specific or random way of reasoning, whether good or bad, mediocre or reasonable, to tie his beliefs and convictions.



  1. I came across your blog site because of an article about the slow internet here in the Philippines.

    This is probably the most honest About page that I’ve ever read. Coolness!

  2. I agree with that. this blog is really amazing me when I lose here in his blog. Btw, internet in the Philippines is really slow and trush. . with just like to many market. to earn Php… Wew,

  3. Magandang blogsite, talaga! Gayunman it needs to be updated, especially sa paksang pederalismo. Such conversations are not only relevant today but can have a long lasting impact sa ating bagong saligang-batas. Sa katotohanan, our kababayans need to be educated and informed of America’s founding and its republican principles, which have impacted our own government, and whose federal system can serve as a guide. Kaya nga I have written a proposal para sa ating bayan which I will submit sa Kongreso at Consultative Committee:


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