Big Media

We should never ignore the power of the mainstream media or the Fourth State in influencing individuals’ perception of reality and their understanding of issues that affect their lives. In the Philippines, most mainstream media practitioners are anti-reason, anti-individualism, and anti-capitalism. They are anti-reason because they preach the virtue and gospel of altruism and self-sacrifice. Most of them support anti-Man, anti-Life social policies such as redistribution of wealth, taxation as the means to help the poor and the marginalized, massive government spending, and the politics of big government.

There are two camps of MSM in the country- the conservative media and the neo-liberal media. Both camps are statists and call for more government spending and more government rules to govern people’s lives. The conservative media are composed of religious media companies and practitioners who believe that religion plays an integral in our society and political affairs. The neo-liberal media are those that preach empty secularism (the kind of secularism that abridges individual freedom and rights). They believe that the government must provide everything the people need, from education to health care to pension to transportation to housing and so on.

The fundamental aim of this page is expose the logical fallacies, ideological evil, ignorance, gullibility, and irresponsibility of the country’s professional media practitioners.



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