And the Pinoy Reds’ Anti-US Campaign and Agitprop Begin…

Leftist agent provocateurs and their LGBT comrades have successfully exploited the Olongapo murder case to push their ‘Anti-US imperialism’ propaganda and to promote their Marxist-Maoist agenda.

The truth is, the communists (definition: members of the CPP-NPA) and their leftist comrades (in Congress and media) do not give a damn about the welfare and rights of LGBT people. They are simply using not just the LGBT people but laborers and poor people as well to advance their Maoist-Leninist vision in the Philippines.USA-RPWith regard to the Laude-Pemberto case, authorities have just discovered the following:

  1. Two used condoms. Authorities are still verifying whether these belonged to Laude and the suspect.
  2. Laude did not have gender reassignment surgery, but had breast implants.

So far these discoveries might debunk the theory being peddled by leftist or left-leaning LGBT groups and advocates that “this is a case of intense homophobia resulting in hate crimes against LGBTs…”



  1. Magandang mga talaan, kaibigan ko! Kahit tama ka tungkol sa unworthiness ng Pilipinas para sa U.S. aid, it would still be in America’s interest in order to quash the Muslim terrorists. Gayunman naisip ko RP should repeal or lift its protectionist policy, at least for the U.S., since they are old allies. I also wish the discussion for Philippine annexation to the U.S. would be reopened to reflect the current realities of economic and terrorist globalization. Ito ang lathala tungkol sa paksa:

  2. Nga pala, surprised ako you have not written a commentary tungkol sa ruling ng Kataas-taasang Hukuman sa DAP. I have been looking forward to reading your perspective, kaibigan ko.

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