How to Shame Corrupt People in Government: UP ‘Tibak’ Style Vs. American Capitalist Style

This woman named Lois Lerner (one of the most powerful women in America) used her position as IRS chief to crush political dissent and to intimidate Barack Obama’s critics. She’s definitely a million times worse than our very own Florencio Abad. (See video below)

And this vlogger had the balls to follow her (which is not in violation of the woman’s right to privacy since she’s a public figure) and ask her tough questions. He didn’t have to resort to violence. Perhaps he believes that’s unnecessary.

By the way the vlogger, Jason Mattera, defines his ‘Crapitalism’ as a dysfunctional system in which liberals (America’s term for leftists and New Leftists) make millions “swiping your tax dollars”. 

From the intro to his book Crapitalism, Mattera wrote:

“Capitalism kicks ass, Crapitalism sucks.

Capitalism and the free market generate jobs… Crapitalism has taken the greatest economic system ever known to man and sullied it…

But what Americans don’t love – what they loathe, in fact – are well=connected crony capitalists who make millions by picking taxpayers’ pockets…

When cronyism collides with capitalism you get… Crapitalism.”

Meanwhile, some shameless, stupid ‘iskolar ng bayan’ had to go full gangster to shame Budget Secretary Abad.

What the ‘tibak’ from UP-Diliman (tagalog word of ‘activists’) did is, they waited for Abad outside to ambush and attack him.

In fact one of Abad’s attackers admitted: “We waited for him outside because inside, in the so-called venue for dialogue, only 5 minutes were allotted for the open forum and questions from the audience were filtered.”

But that’s totally irrelevant and pathetic way to rationalize and even justify violence. They should have attended the event in order to ask Abad tough questions. This is part of our ‘democratic’ processes and way of life.

One of the good things about America is, some of its political elites (except for limousine Liberals/lelftists) don’t live in gated Mansions. Unlike the Binays, Purisima and many other P-Noy appointees.

In the video, the property owner said: “I don’t want her in my house…” Well, that “her” is America’s most powerful woman in politics!

Plus, Americans are not obliged– by law or by mere courtesy– to let them use your house as their hiding place. Unlike the Binays who believe they’re entitled to subdivision owners’ private property.



  1. That’s a lie. The Activist were on their place, and Butch Abad knows that they were there. Thinking that he can cow the student activist because he has lots of bodyguards, he defied the natural law that never approach a mad dog. And so when he passed in their midst, he get what he was asking for.

    1. What’s wrong with simply attending the event to ask Abad tough questions instead of resorting to gangsterism and violence? Your right to free speech and to question corrupt officials like Abad doesn’t include the right to use violence.

      1. “open forum and questions from the audience were filtered”
        and they could have been prevented to enter otherwise.

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