Why this Limousine Liberal Wants Global Dictatorship with his Stupid ‘Climate’ Justice Gibberish

1411403039505_wps_14_image015_pngThis privileged limousine white liberal wants to centrally plan the global economy and police what people buy and do. Well, he believes he’s an advocate of ‘Climate Justice’ (whatever this term means), but global dictatorship is just the logical result of his ‘green’ policy.

In an impromptu interview with PJTV’s Michelle Fields, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said he wants a law to punish politicians who dissent from man-made global warming theory – and calls them “contemptible human beings.”

“I think it’s treason,” he said, to dissent and to “go against all the evidence of the rational mind.”

The problem is, he’s not even thinking rationally.

Kennedy Jr. said: “Listen. We don’t care what kind of car you use, but we’re gonna make a law that says you can’t make a car in this country unless it gets 40 miles per gallon and you can’t make a car unless it is an electric car…” 

This is how he defined his ‘climate justice’ policy: “It starts by changing the laws… rationalize the marketplace, so that we reward the most efficient forms of energy use and we punish the bad ones [unintelligible]…”

Now here’s why these MAN-MADE Global Warming alarmists either intentionally or unwittingly want a global dictatorship.

Mr. Kennedy said: “You can’t make a car unless it’s an electric car.”

What does that mean? Well, he wants a law to criminalize the production of “fossil fuel” cars and other related products or even activities.

But then he will discover that fossil fuel (coal, natural gas, and petroleum) generates 67% of CHEAP electricity around the world.

Yes, this guy is so clueless he doesn’t know luxury electric cars like Tesla are actually nice and expensive fossil fuel cars.

That doesn’t sound and look good. So, he will advocate the passage of new laws to totally ban fossil fuel and to ‘reward’ green companies.

Then he will discover that so-called green energy is not just expensive but also requires the use of large areas of land and the ‘sacrifice’ of nature.

The banning doesn’t end there, because to promote what they call ‘Climate Justice’, they also need to centrally plan the global economy and police people’s thoughts and actions. As some economists have told us– ‘Demand always follows supply’. So, they will have to control and police that pesky demand problem.

Then he will discover that he needs to CENTRALLY PLAN everything– what companies may produce and sell, what people may buy and use, what things or activities to tax or criminalize, etc.– all in the name of the undefined and undefinable ‘Climate Justice’.

Global economic central planning is what he actually meant by “rationalize the marketplace”.

“Rewarding the most efficient form of energy” means global cronyism– that is, giving billions of dollars of subsidies, loans and ‘protection’ money to politically connected companies.

“Punish the bad ones” means shutting down companies that use fossil fuel or are not ‘green’. This  also includes criminalizing and taxing certain things or activities that both companies and individuals buy, use or do.


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