To Exact Vengeance on the Marcoses, P-Noy Only Needs to Follow the Recipe for Dictatorship

President Benigno Aquino III reportedly admitted he had revenge fantasies toward the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos and his “ilk” after his father, Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., was gunned down at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport 30 years ago.

The ‘vindictive’ President who kept blaming his predecessor for the nation’s problems described the late dictator and his men as “rabid dogs”.

“As the only son, I felt an overwhelming urge to exact an eye for an eye. Mr. Marcos and his ilk were like rabid dogs who had lost all reason. There was no longer any potential for dialogue; the only solution when confronted by a rabid dog is to put it down,” Aquino said a speech before members of the Filipino community in Boston on Sunday (Monday, PHL time).

The President knew Marcos was a “formidable foe, but regardless of this, in those moments, all I wanted was to do to Mr. Marcos as he had done unto us.”

If that’s what Mr. Aquino wanted– or if he still entertains the idea of doing to the Marcoses and their ilk what they had done to them– he only needs to follow the recipe of dictatorship. That’s the best way to deal with a still ‘formidable foe’– that is the late dictator’s surviving children.

The President needs absolute political power to guarantee impunity and to make sure that Marcoses would be totally powerless to retaliate. That is, P-Noy only needs to establish his own brand of Yellow Socialism.

This recipe for dictatorship requires turning the entire country into a full-blown socialist state.

1.  Impose more regulations and appoint economic czars to control crucial industries (e.g., Power, Telecommunications, Water, etc.)

ACTION: Create a market crisis (e.g., sky-high prices) by limiting competition through ban on foreign competitors and by taxing these industries under the guise of helping the poor. The people will blame these industries and demand more government power and controls.

2. Centralize the importation of goods via government agencies (e.g., DA, NFA, BoC, etc.)

ACTION: Create massive market shortages via centralized importation system [of rice and other products] with the DA, NFA or other state agencies. The people will blame hoarders and “greedy” capitalists and then demand more state intervention, such as price controls, subsidies, anti-hoarding laws, etc.

3. Levy more taxes on power companies and electricity consumption and massively control the power sector via the DoE. Massive regulations and more taxation will artificially increase the price of electricity.

ACTION: Blame the power industry for increased power rates and then pretend to take the statist advice of public intellectuals like Bobby Tiglao, Teddy Locsin and others by not only controlling the power sector but by finally NATIONALIZING it in the name of social justice.

4. Create a fiscal crisis by embarking on massive government spending in healthcare, education, and other public services. Here, be careful not to levy too much taxes. It is advisable to borrow money from the IMF, World Bank and other foreign creditors even at very high interest rates.

ACTION: The fiscal crisis will justify more government intervention in the economy.

5. Create a banking crisis by passing a new law that would force banks to loan money to people regardless of their capacity to pay. Describe this new legislation as “pro-poor”, “pro-democracy”, “pro-social justice”. The useful idiots love these buzzwords.

ACTION: This policy will definitely lead to a banking crisis. Blame the banks and capitalists for being “too greedy” and tell the people that the best solution is to NATIONALIZE the entire banking industry.

6. Impose strict currency controls and forbid anyone other than the Bangko Sentral (BSP) from acquiring U.S. dollars and other hard currencies.

ACTION: This strict monetary policy will stop foreign companies from doing business in the country. Blame the ‘global capitalists’ and ‘corporate greed’ for the monetary crisis and its effects.

7. Politicize the media industry by either financing a media group (like the NPC) or creating a new media group of useful idiots and corrupt journos.

ACTION: The purpose of this new Fifth State is to support government policies and propaganda. However, their most crucial mission is to “expose” corruption in the media industry and by media giants. This will justify government takeover of the entire industry.

8. Ask the people to change the system. Tell them that the best solution to the crisis is to establish a new “egalitarian system” founded on social justice, democracy, equality and brotherhood. Never ever mention “socialism” or “communism” as these terms might shock some people, particularly the useful idiots in the media and the academia.


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