Why America Should Stop Policing the World

A very recent survey found that America’s biggest haters include Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia and the FT-2014-07-15-likeAmerica-01Palestinian territories, while its biggest allies are the Philippines, Israel, South Korea, Kenya and El Salvador.

Yet America under the New Leftist Obama regime is losing its allies and gaining more enemies with its ‘humanitarian’ foreign policy that seeks to police and democratize the world. Post-American President Barack Obama’s foreign policy appears to have been designed to finance and aid America’s haters (e.g., the Arab dictatorships) and to ignore America’s traditional allies, particularly Israel. 

By trying to police the world America stupidly created and armed so-called agents and ‘allies’ (like Al Qaeda and other Muslim groups) that turned out to be monsters and terrorists.

The world’s superpower should stop ‘spreading democracy’ and helping other countries like the Philippines and South Korea. Rather it should stick to its founding principles– that is, it should stop intervening and trying police the world unless it is attacked.

But what about global or transnational terrorism being carried out by terror sponsors and backers like Saudi Arabia and Iran? 

I think America’s best solution is to simply issue an ultimatum and tell its haters– “We will not try to intervene and stop you from doing whatever you do. But if you attack us you’ll get what you deserve!” 

Within just TEN YEARS America should–

  1. Stop sending financial, economic and military aid to other countries.
  2. Stop helping countries that face threat of invasion
  3. Stop creating agents and groups to help its army police the world
  4. Stop arming so-called allies
  5. Stop conducting ‘humanitarian aid’ and helping poor countries
  6. Focus only on its territories and national interest

However, if during this ten-year period America’s traditional enemies (like Iran) and false allies (like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Palestine) continued to sponsor, finance, train and arm terror groups– and if these terror groups carried out attacks on America’s citizens at home and abroad– the U.S. government should declare an all-out war and totally destroy the attackers’ sponsors.

What about Israel? Should America help Israel? The biggest help the U.S. government can do is let Israel defend itself. Like Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send troops to Israel, we defend ourselves!”


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