Gen. Palparan: A Victim of Communist Agitprop


Controversial military man and freedom fighter retired Major Gen. Jovito Palparan was finally captured and arrested after three years in hiding. And as expected, the man’s critics and enemies– e.i., the communist– have been noisily celebrating his arrest and demanding that he be incarcerated for his alleged human rights violations. 

But what ‘human rights’ violations are these leftists, communists and media useful idiots talking about? 

Here’s a very basic principle every Filipino with a functioning brain needs to understand…

When you’re at war with savages who seek to turn this country into a new North Korean gulag, it is IMMORAL and EVIL to place the so-called human rights– or interests– of your enemy over those of whom you’re supposed to serve– the people. It is morally evil to place the interests of your enemy over your rights and freedom.

We need to understand that we are technically AT WAR with the CPP-NPA and its proxies. Gen. Palparan’s lawyers need to understand this very elementary concept in order to properly defend the rights and honor of their client in court.

What 'agitrop' means...
What ‘agitprop’ means…

Are we at war with the CPP-NPA? The answer is YES!

Is/was the NPA using proxies, mercenaries and other deceptive war strategies (rebels posing as civilians or even doctors, innocent activists, etc.) to defeat our military and to fool the useful idiots in the media?

We’re all supposed to know the commies are expert in agitprop.

What is pretty clear is that Gen. Palparan is a victim of communist agitprop.

Lemme say this– thank God we had men in uniform like Palparan who clearly understood the nature of communism and of the communists’ war strategies… and faithfully performed his sworn duty to protect us and our remaining FREEDOM!

Now if there’s one guy who should be arrested for human rights violations and war crimes, it’s CHR Chair Etta Rosales’s comrade– so-called CPP-NPA leader Jose Maria Sison!



  1. This is one of the most awesome blog posts I have ever read. You have great statements about the realities of fighting communists. Hopefully, General Palparan is freed soon and the reds are arrested instead.

  2. Hi Vincent, the commies has their propaganda in order to deceive people. On this site, real Communism will give the people an equality society, racial hatmony, peace, etc. -which is impossible to happen if the creator of that ideology was a satanist like Karl Marx. Here’s the site:

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