Philippines’ Israel-Palestine Version

Farmers from a Christian community in Sultan Kudarat province started arming themselves to protect the farmlands they have legally acquired from Muslim brethren, after an armed Moro group surfaced to claim the area, which they said is part of their ‘ancestral land.’ SOURCE: Manila Bulletin

A lot of so-called atheists (who are probably leftists or communists) and Muslims have been busy spreading lies and Islamic propaganda and blaming Israel for the so-called Palestinian “genocide”. This “Israeli-Palestinian” issue should not be unfamiliar to Filipinos, because we in the Philippines also have our very own version of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This conflict is fought between Muslim separatists and the whole Filipino people. The Filipino Muslim separatists composed of the MNLF, MILF, BIFF and many other separatist Islamic groups have simply copied the Islamic propaganda and lies being used by the Palestinians that successfully fooled the global leftists and the Western media. Most of the propaganda terms they use to demonize Filipino non-Muslims (not necessarily Christians, but all NON-MUSLIMS) should be very familiar to Filipinos.

  • Land-grabbing by Christians and non-Muslims of Mindanao, southernmost part of the Philippines where Muslim population is concentrated.
  • Occupation by Christians and non-Muslims
  • Two state solution
  • Islamic state for Muslims.

Take note that the Philippines is a SECULAR country. It may be dominated by Christians and Catholics in terms of demographics but its laws are NEVER based on the Christian bible. So, what did the Muslim separatists do to air their grievances against the “JEWISH”, er Filipino Christian/non-Muslim majority? The Moro National Liberation Front and its breakaway groups MILF, BIFF, among others did the following:

  1. Terror attacks on civilians.
  2. The Rizal day bombing where they bombed a railway transit full of innocent passengers.
  3. Kidnap for ransom activities.They usually kidnap westerners. I just hope most of them were Leftists and Communists.
  4. Beheading. Among those beheaded included an Italian priest and an American missionary named Martin Burnham.
  5. Playing the VICTIM CARD.
  6. Use of human shields
  7. Use of civilian areas as their military bases
  8. Use of child soldiers/fighters
  9. Fooling the government.
  10. Ambushing soldiers amid CEASEFIRE agreements. See how duplicitous and deceitful some muslims are?
  11. Negotiating with the government upon realizing they were losing the war and then try to rebuild their army using government money. This is what MILF leader Nur Misuari did.
  12. After fooling the government and given political powers and privileges (the case of MNLF chief Nur Misuari), they then formed SHADOWY groups and financed these groups using government money. These shadowy groups continued to carry out terror attacks in their behalf.
  13. They received help, money, ammunition and training from Islamic countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

How did the Muslim majority react to the Muslim Separatists’ terror activities? THEY STAYED MUM as if they were part of the Muslim conspiracy. Now what happened when our STUPID Aquino government tried to follow in the footsteps of India’s great Muslim appeaser Gandhi by signing a SUICIDAL agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a breakaway group of the MNLF? Well, the so-called Muslim moderates came out of their caves and celebrated the victory of the terror group MILF in the streets of Manila and other major cities. This is why I always consider devout Muslims dishonest, duplicitous and deceitful. We should learn from Israel’s past mistakes when they gave Gaza and other territories to the so-called Palestinians nine years ago. What did Hamas do in return? They sent thousands of rockets to Israel. This is exactly how Muslim separatists in the Philippines have been behaving for years. Today you accede to their demands hoping to buy peace; tomorrow they will STAB you in the back while shouting “Allahu Akhbar!”

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