‘Racist’ Hong Kong Ad Vs. Philippine Racism

An alleged “racist” insurance ad in Hong Kong depicting a male Chinese actor as a Filipina drew flak from offended Filipino netizens in the Philippines. The ad produced and paid by Malaysia’s Hong Leong Bank targets employers who employed more than a quarter million domestic helpers.

I saw the ad and I wasn’t offended at all, and in my own opinion, these whining, race-baiting Filipinos were simply butt-hurt. I think they’re offended because a large percentage of Hong Kong’s 300,000 maids hail from the Philippines, and the privately produced and funded ‘racist’ ad hurt their ‘Pinoy’ pride. 


Some of these Filipino netizens believed its “time to ban the deployment of domestic helpers”. I think these people are not just delusional; they’re utterly stupid as well.

I posted the following comment, which was not yet approved by the GMA Networks’ admin.


Racism is different from “pagiging matapobre” or elitism.

Those calling for the ban on OFW deployment are not just delusional; they’re clueless morons as well.

First, the ad wasn’t a government ad or promotional campaign by the Hong Kong government. It is a private ad funded and distributed by Malaysia’s Hong Leong Bank. Therefore, blaming an entire society and its government for the action of one corporate entity– or a private company registered in Malaysia– is not just stupid; it’s actually worse than the ‘racist’ ad itself.

Second, a government ban on OFW deployment will not change the fact that Philippines is many times poorer than Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan and South Korea because of its protectionist policies that ban foreign professionals and excessively limit foreign participation in the Philippine economy. In Hong Kong, any foreigner can put up a business in just a matter of days and can own up to 100% of the business. That’s not possible in the Philippines unless the business is export-oriented covered by our PEZA laws.


Economic openness is what separates the Philippines from the Asia’s Tiger Economies. In terms of degree, Hong Kong is probably 80% more capitalist than the protectionist Philippines. North Korea has a 100% closed-door socialism. By contrast, the Philippines has a 60-40% mixed-socialism. Know your laws and Constitution before posting nonsense on the Internet.

Also, Hong Kong did not become successful by “generating jobs”. It achieved economic success by adopting free market policies that opened its formerly poor economy to foreign investors and foreign participation. Plus, Hong Kong’s free market policies help its people by not imposing tariffs and import fees, except for certain ‘harmful products’. On the other hand, the Philippine government imposes excessive import quotas, tariffs and other fees, and controls the importation of products and goods through its intrusive agencies. This is actually the reason why the country has rice cartels and other monopolists as well as expensive goods like rice, garlic, etc. You’ve been fooled by your own government and our publicly funded academics and economists in state universities like UP.

Again, the act of a private corporate entity is not enough to blame a society (e.i., Hong Kong) that is very open to all societies or economies. It is the Philippines that is actually guilty of racism, discrimination against foreigners, and ethnocentrism.

Let’s get this thing straight: Hong Kong’s laws and government are MULTICULTURAL or VERY OPEN to other societies and cultures. Some of its people or private players are not.

The truth is, these so-called “racist” Hong Kongers actually share the protectionist and ethnocentric mentality of Filipino leftists and protectionists like Teddy Casino, Satur Ocampo, Winnie Monsod, NEDA chief Arsenio Balisacan, and most of our academics and so-called public intellectuals.


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