#Facebookdown: The Moment the World Lost Facebook for 20 Minutes

facebookdownFor the first time in my social networking life, I had to rushed to my semi-inactive Twitter account to know what the hell was going on. Here’s what I saw.


The communist Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front The land, a communist-progressive group that hypocritically hates uses social media to advance its collectivist agenda, made these seemingly insane tweets:


The group has more than 23,000 followers and is very active on Twitter.

Oh This is why communism is a mental disorder. “Facebook was the devil’s work”. Yeah right! And they’re using Twitter.

More insanity from the ZANU PF. It’s good to know they know how to use hashtag.

Meanwhile, the world ‘somehow’ panicked while Facebook was down.








Then ZANU PF doubled down.


Facebook and perhaps other social networks are always down in Kenya because it’s a communist slave pen. The communists believe they have the right to control society.


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