What You Need to Know About Iraq Crisis

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A lot of people believe the civil war in Iraq remains part of the ongoing U.S. war on transnational terrorism. Well, U.S. Post-American President Barack Obama said a couple of years ago that the global war on terror is over.

Since Obama is an unwise and dishonest leader it’s not surprising that he simply ignored the threat of an organized globalist enemy that had long declared war on the West. Like Europe’s Neville Chamberlaine, Obama may chose to evade reality. Yet the Americans who stupidly voted for him twice cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.

To understand this ‘war on terror’ issue and its relation to the ongoing conflict in Iraq, there is a need to redefine it. Terror is not an enemy; it is merely a method or strategy. An organized transnational enemy network exists and it resorts to terrorism or terror tactics to harm and instill fear in communities.

But how can our global leaders identify the enemy? They need to look no further than the epicenter of the ongoing war for regional dominance in the Middle East– Iraq. Post-Saddam Iraq is no longer about the West’s failed war on terror; it’s already about power buildup on the part of two longtime rival terror networks– the Sunni-Arab Monarchies and the Shia-Iran Clerisy. For decades, these two warring camps have been fighting and killing each other for political dominance in the region.

1. The Iraq war was  a terrible, incorrigible mistake

Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 Israel was worried that Iran would benefit from the fall of Saddam Hussein, the longtime Sunni enemy of the Shiite Iranian clerics. In fact as early as 2002, Sunni Arab leaders also expressed their opposition to the planned invasion, as they feared it would lead to greater conflict and instability across the war-torn Gulf region. Now it turns out they were all right. The United States missed the real target, which was Iran.

Since 1979 Iran has been exporting terrorists across the world to kill Jews and Americans and to build terror networks. The use of non-state combatants (also called proxies) and Fifth Columnists to deal with the enemy dates back to ancient Egypt. In the past these non-state actors were called ‘mercenaries’, and in the 13th century B.C. King Rameses II formed and used over 11,000 mercenaries during his battles.

Past and present war experts know the use of non-state combatants or proxies is an act of war. Like Muslim prophet Muhammad said– “War is deceit.” Hundreds of years before Muhammad, China’s greatest war strategist Sun Tzu warned that “All war is based on deception.” You ignore this very elementary fact about warfare and you’ll face defeat.

Iran and its allies are guilty of using non-state combatants to wage their war against Israel and the United States. Of course, the ‘moral equivalence’ leftist pundits and Iran’s sympathizers can always rationalize their argument and contend that the U.S. is as guilty as Iran. But their position merely reveals their ‘useful idiocy’ and failure to properly understand global politics. Despite its corporatism and failed imperialistic foreign policy first established by the Democrats in the early 20th century, America remains a relatively free society compared to theocratic Iran that is determined to extend its influence in the Arab world in order to achieve its ‘divine’ duty to build a global Shia caliphate.

2. The fall of Saddam Hussein benefited Iran

This is one of the main reasons why Sunni Muslims, who represent more than 80 percent of the entire Muslim population– or the radical terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and a Levant (ISIS) in particular– are now at war with Iraq’s Shia regime. The global media, including perhaps Iran, was shocked by the blood-thirsty JIhadists’ terror strategies and war campaigns against Iraqi soldiers and the incumbent government itself. For instance, the group recently boasted about slaughtering over 1,700 soldiers, while one of its officials posted a sickening tweet– “This is our ball. It’s made of skin #WorldCup.”

This shows the difference between terrorism and an enemy. Terrorism is merely a war tactic or strategy, while an enemy uses this tactic as a psychological warfare.

The Jihadist Sunnis funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to the Iraqi Prime Minister, is working hard to prevent Iran and the Iraqi Shiites from claiming political power in Iraq.

3. Shiites form the majority in Iraq

Like Bahrain that is currently ruled by Sunni minority, Iraq was once controlled by Sunni minority during the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator brutally oppressed the Shiites and tried to exterminate the Kurds for their role as a fifth column loyal to Iran.

Today, the Sunni Arab monarchies are bankrolling ISIS to build a new Islamic caliphate in the Shia-dominated Iraq. This is exactly what the Arab Monarchies, particularly Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, did in the 1980s when they bankrolled Hussein to launch a gratuitous war against Iran. To this day the Arab world’s main objective remains the same: to destroy the Iranian Islamic Revolution.


4. To the Arab monarchies, a Sunni-ruled Iraq means self-preservation

The historic Shia-Sunni conflict dates back to the death of the Islamic prophet, and the question of who had the divine right to lead the Islamic caliphate. To the leaders of the two warring camps (the Sunni monarchs and the Iranian clerics), the answer to the issue is a matter of life and death.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS for self-preservation, as the entire Arab world fears expanding Iranian influence throughout the Muslim world. This makes the United States an outsider– or more like a pariah– in the Middle East.

5. America as a useful idiot 

Since 1979 the United States acted as blind protector of the Arab royals against Iran– and against Iraq since the Gulf war. In 2003, U.S. government sacrificed the lives of its soldiers to liberate the Iraqis, who then installed a new form of dictatorship, from their own Sunni dictator. By toppling Saddam Hussein, America was a useful idiot for Iran and Iraqi Shiites. At the same time America is also a useful idiot for the Sunni Arab monarchs for maintaining a blind, suicidal foreign policy that treats Saudi Arabia and Qatar as American allies.

Indeed, the ongoing civil war in the Middle East, which was euphemistically named “Arab Spring”, attached to the United States a pariah status.

6. Solution: Let ’em kill each other

Since nothing, or no one, can stop Shia and Sunni Muslims from killing each other, the best solution is for the United States and the West to back off and let their god sort their own problem. Anyway they’ve been exterminating each other for centuries, or since the death of their prophet. Unless threatened, the United States should adopt a foreign policy of non-intervention with respect to the ongoing Middle East conflict.


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