Capitalism and Alien Civilizations

  • NOTE: This article was first posted on March 9, 2011.

How did we get here in the first place? We got here by rejecting slavery, mysticism (the rule of religion), and collectivism. Just imagine if Hitler and his despotic allies won the second world war. Now try to imagine a planetary society ruled by mystics and brutes. The same principle applies to alien civilizations.

Over the past few years I had this great fascination with the so-called “aliens” or “outer space civilizations”. I was one of the curious millions- or billions- who asked this popular yet weird question: “Are we alone?” This is actually one of the billions of questions that make people believe in “skepticism”, the idea that we humans cannot be certain of anything and that there’s no such thing as absolute truth or whatever. There are only questions. Perpetual questions.

Soon- perhaps in the distant future- we may be able to find the right answer to this question if… we continue to be ‘rational’ human beings. Remember that rationality is not an automatic human attribute. It is a choice. Man is given by nature with the necessary physical attributes for survival. However, unlike animals, man has the the faculty to identify and integrate the material provided by his senses: Reason.

Man’s mind is his only tool of survival. The human mind is used to acquire, use, store, and retrieve knowledge about the world we live in. It is the mind that enables man to know how to gather food and when to store it so to guarantee his survival in times of scarcity. It is the mind that enables a farmer to know what to plant, when to plant it, how to cultivate it, when and how to harvest it. It is reason that enables a hunter to make a spear or bolo, how to make it, how to use it, and when to hunt animals for food. That is, reason is man’s only faculty for survival.

So can man ever find the answer to the question above? The answer is “it depends.” The answer depends upon his determination to contribute more knowledge to our still young civilization. It depends upon his willingness to search for and defend the truth. The second is most important: Man must defend the truth against two evil forces on earth- Faith and Force.

Around 2,000 years ago, the barbaric forces of religious faith destroyed the greatest achievement of the ancient era: the Library of Alexandria, where all the knowledge and intangible treasures of the olden world were discovered and stored.

It was only more than 200 years ago when Revelation or religious faith/mysticism perished with the birth of a new consciousness. The founder of this new consciousness was Aristotle, whose philosophy or ideas helped founded the greatest and freest nation on earth: the United States of America. The visionary Founding Fathers of this formerly great country introduced a system that enshrines man’s Life as the only and primary standard of value. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence declares that man has an inalienable right to his Life, Liberty, Property and pursuit of Happiness, as he is an END in himself, NOT the means to the ends of others. It is this greatest document ever conceived in mankind’s history that enshrines and recognizes the virtue of selfishness.

Virtue of selfishness does not mean self-indulgence, because the latter does not give real happiness to man. This concept of “happiness” comes from the Greek word “eudaimonia”, which means ”human flourishing”. Thus, man cannot achieve ‘happiness’ or ‘human flourishing’ by taking advantage or cheating on other people. A businessman who manufactures defective or harmful products in the hope of gaining more profits will certainly go broke. The people would stop buying his products or a better competitor would enter the market.

Through these concepts of rational selfishness (this term is actually a redundancy) and man as a standard of value, a new political system was introduced two centuries ago: free market capitalism. With the establishment of this system, the United States, which was the freest country on earth, achieved the most. America institutionalized property and intellectual property rights, objective criminal justice system and other rational legal doctrines, and the separation of church and state at a time wherein all nations on earth fell prey to both religious and political despotism. America’s economy flourished at a time when most countries in Europe embraced the gospels of Karl Marx, Friedrich Hegel, Immanuel Kant, and other political mystics who taught that man is a property of the state and that he must selflessly, altruistically serve others or his society.

Ever wonder why we live in an era of technological developments and innovation? It’s primarily because of freedom, particularly economic freedom that allows man to pursue his personal ambition, to practice his chosen profession, to profit from his industry and invention, and to exclude all others from his private life or undertaking. The greatest inventors or discoverers (e.g., Nikola Tesla, Emile Berliner, Albert Einstein, among others) over the past 200 years migrated to the United States because it was the only nation that recognized and protected intellectual property rights.

When the nation of Israel was created in 1948, this tiny territory that confronts various enemies on all fronts, produced inventors and Nobel Prize winners over a short period of time because it adopted America’s property rights and IP system. Look at the slave nations that disregard property rights. If ever they produced inventors (since man has no choice about his country of birth), what happened to them and their inventions? It’s either they migrated to a freer country or their inventions were seized by their despotic government.

Is it possible for a society to technologically progress under a collectivist political system (e.g., communism, fascism, Nazism, socialism, anarchy, etc.)? Or, is it possible for a man to achieve economic success or for an inventor to profit from his invention under any of these collectivist systems?

I can only ask you to look at how most ancient empires fell. While all of them established variants of communal political systems, a profound understanding of their self-destruction reveals that it was collectivism or statism that caused their tragic fall. The Roman empire fell after its despotic leaders established a corrupt money system, which caused inflation. This is what the United States government is doing today. No society can ever survive under a man-sacrificing system, as Egypt and the rest of the man-sacrificing societies in the ancient world demonstrated.

As for the United States of America, this formerly great nation cannot be destroyed by any of its enemies. It can only be destroyed from within, like what happened to the Roman empire and Soviet Russia.

Man is still in search for the undiscovered, unknown yet knowable knowledge of the eternal universe. One day in the distant future, man would be able to find answers to our curious questions. Again, IF…

Like any great nation on earth, man can only be destroyed from within; that is, by corrupting his soul. No one can ever control or sway a man of self-esteem and self-respect. There are two systems used by both religious and political mystics to corrupt a man’s soul or consciousness: Religion/Revelation and altruist-collectivist ideology. Some of the modern-day results of the first- corruption by revelation- are Iran and other theocratic countries. The prominent results of corruption by ideology include North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and other statist countries in Africa.

This means that it is not possible for any higher outer space or alien civilization to progress without embracing the most moral ethical and political system.

However, I don’t buy our popular culture’s and Hollywood’s depiction of “aliens” and “outer space civilizations”. My theory is that if aliens were real, they would carry some of the attributes of homo sapiens. Not merely physical attributes but ethical and metaphysical as well.

Some ridiculous Hollywood movies like Alien vs. Predator try to portray that outer-space thinking beings live in a fantasy land. These leftist movies try to tell us that alien wealth or technological wonders simply spring out of nowhere. That they are not made but wished or created by some sort of ultra-mental power. Like us homo sapiens, these aliens (if ever they exist at all) survive in a distant planet, wherein nature determines their physical attributes and means of survival. Perhaps, that alien planet, if it exists, is not habitable to us humans, whose physical and physiological conditions adapt to earth’s forces of nature.

If aliens really visited us, why did they not harm us? Why are they not that violent and murderous like what they’re shown in Hollywood movies? Perhaps the answer is because they’re civilized thinking beings from outer space.

Just look at how extraterrestrial beings were portrayed in most alien movies produced and written by Liberals and leftists. Think of Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Alien Intruder, Predator, among others. These movies were all inspired by leftist-collectivist point of view. The Hollywood writer’s point of view is apparently medieval. He thinks in terms of the violence and scenes of the medieval age, wherein nations conquered each other for loot and power. He thinks that wealth can only be achieved by force and invasion. Galactic imperialism, this is the mindset of these Hollywood writers who try to tell us that space aliens, like humans, have this imperialist, looter’s mentality.

But if aliens really had the technological capability to visit us, why did we not experience those violent scenes portrayed in most alien movies? Another possible answer is, they don’t think that force is necessary to get what they wanted. They are not savages. Perhaps like the space tycoons of today, aliens are traders.

Let’s analyze this from a capitalistic perspective. Gone were the days of conquests and invasion. A capitalist society- that is, a society of free and esteemed men- does not seize the wealth of its neighbors by force. It can only get what it wants through the use of trade and contracts. There’s no need to invade a weak territory and then turn its people into peasant slaves like Soviet Russia did in Ukraine where more than 10 million people died of forced hunger known as holodomor.

Any civilization is supposed to be composed of civilized thinking beings. Any planet- or any society for that matter- cannot progress by embracing a slave mentality.

How did we get here in the first place? We got here by rejecting slavery, mysticism (the rule of religion), and collectivism. Just imagine if Hitler and his despotic allies won the second world war.

Now try to imagine a planetary society ruled by mystics and brutes. The same principle, perhaps, applies to alien civilizations.

We rose from the ashes of our barbaric, uncivilized past not by wishful thinking, but by using our mind; that is, by using Reason, which is our only tool of survival.

Think of the outer space as the next conquest of capitalism.

Gone were the days when space explorations and visits were only done and funded by governments or by NASA. Today because of capitalism and the desire of some space tycoons like Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Galactic, a privately space company that provides sub-orbital spaceflights to the paying public, the next stop of free market enterprise is the infinite frontier.

Slowly, space exploration and travel now goes to the private sector where it belongs. If aliens really exist, they’d tell us what it means to be free, for they had been inhabiting the ultimate free frontier for generations.


Let me share a very interesting online article related to this subject. Mark Whittington of Yahoo News  tells what he would do if confronted by an alien.

Here’s what he said:

If I were confronted by an alien, I would make a suggestion. “Let’s make a deal.”

Unarguably pure capitalism is the most ethical method for intelligent beings to interact with one another. The free exchange of goods and services for value would seem to be the sort of thing that aliens will have refined in their progress from hunter/gatherer to interstellar explorer. If we believe that aliens would have a highly advanced sense of ethics and morality, capitalism would likely be the basis of their civilization. That would not, of course, make them the sort of caricature of free market traders such as the Ferengi on “Star Trek.” That species was created by people who do not understand capitalism or capitalists and were capable of imagining something called a “non monetary economy” without actually thinking through how such a thing would work.

Without a doubt, visiting aliens would have a lot that humans would value, in the form of high technology and possibly tourist packages to some of the better worlds of the Galactic Federation. The trick, of course, would be ascertaining what the aliens would want in return. Money would not be an option, nor precious metals or resources. The latter two can be easily acquired on uninhabited bodies or even created using nano technology.

Works of art and music, since they would be something unique to human culture, might be something the aliens might want to acquire in return for—say—a cure for cancer or the technology to build a food replicator. With luck, the aliens might appreciate the sort of junky arts and crafts one can acquire cheaply every place from an American flea market to a Middle Eastern souk. A velvet picture of Elvis might be very prized in alien art circles.

Of course such an attempt to interact with ET as a potential business partner might backfire. What if the aliens bring with them a “To Serve Man” situation? And there is always the possibility that the first ET one meets will not be an ethical merchant at all, but perhaps a wanted fugitive. If an alien holds up his blaster and replies, “Certainly, your planet or your life” then one knows that one is in big trouble.

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