Why the Mandatory Remittance Bill is a Blatant Declaration OFWs are Slaves to the State

I had to create this infographic to better explain the wicked politics and philosophy behind the proposed Mandatory Remittance Bill in Congress.


The fundamental question is: Whose money is it, anyway?

See? Filipino politicians think the State has the right or authority to tell you how to manage your own money. And that makes you a slave.

Now, if you’re a professional or a non-DH OFW and you support more protectionism and more regulations to be imposed on foreigners and foreign investors, here’s my friendly advice: Why not slap your face and then try to rethink your mediocre political views? Because if you’re working in a highly liberalized economy, like UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., chances are, your company or employer is also an expatriate like you.


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