Why the Venezuelans Absolutely Deserve their Corrupt Socialist/Fascist System

The Venezuelans deserve it. They absolutely deserve what’s happening to them today. They voted for Hugo Chavez; they fought for their corrupt system.

Now they’re all shocked to see the result of their social struggle? They’re screaming: “This is not what we wanted!”

Well, it’s too late comrades.

  1. Your government totally banned private gun ownership (in the name of protecting you from violence) so you won’t have any means and chance to fight.
  2. Your government nationalized the media (in the name of protecting you from bourgeoisie culture and influence) so the opposition’s voice will not be heard.
  3. Your government made censorship the law of the land (in the name of getting rid of undesirable social elements) so the outside world will stay clueless about what’s going on within your borders.
  4. Your tax money (made in the name of the poor) was used to acquire guns and maintain goons to preserve the system against rebellion or people’s revolt.

Now, what if thousands of protesters would be killed by the country’s socialist government?

FINE! Let them die in the hands of their own rulers. The rest of the world should never interfere! Let the Venezuelans themselves sort their problem out. The U.S. and other countries should never interfere.

What’s happening in Venezuela is a good but bitter lesson not only for Venezuelans, but also for people around the world who still root for socialism.


A real murderous, power-hungry FASCIST calling his enemy “the face of fascism”.

From this article: “Maduro described opposition leaders as right-wing fascists who plant seeds of fear and violence.”

Now that’s hilarious!

Indeed, the leftists are all hypocritically BRAIN-DEAD. Yes, all leftists. No exceptions.

This reminds me of Ayn Rand’s “We The Living” that was illegally made into a two-part film (Noi Vivi and Addio, Kira) in Italy in 1942.

Prior to their release, the films were nearly censored by Mussolini’s government, but they were permitted because the story itself was set in Soviet Russia and was directly critical of that regime. The films were successful, and the public easily realized that they were as much against fascism as communism. After several weeks, German authorities, who were allied with the Italian government, insisted that the film be pulled from distribution because of its anti-Fascist themes.

Rand’s “We The Living” was about Soviet Communism, but the Italian FASCISTS had to pull the film from distribution because they clearly recognized its ANTI-FASCIST themes.

The only difference between COMMUNISM and FASCISM is their degree and method of collectivization.

Shot dead: Genesis Carmona is taken to hospital on a motorcycle after she was shot in the head during an anti-government protest in Valencia, Venezuela

Venezuelan beauty queen Génesis Carmona was shot in the head amid anti-government protests


Meanwhile, the following is a Venezuelan’s letter to world media that treats Caracas protests as a non-issue. 

Dear International Editor:

Listen and understand. The game changed in Venezuela last night. What had been a slow-motion unravelling that had stretched out over many years went kinetic all of a sudden.

What we have this morning is no longer the Venezuela story you thought you understood.

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries onmotorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street.

And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

What we saw were not “street clashes”, what we saw is a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.

Here at Caracas Chronicles we’re doing what it can to document the crisis, but there’s only so much one tiny, zero-budget blog can do.

After the major crackdown on the streets of large (and small) Venezuelan cities last night, I expected some kind of response in the major international news outlets this morning. I understand that with an even bigger and more photogenic freakout ongoing in an even more strategically important country, we weren’t going to be front-page-above-the-fold, but I’m staggered this morning to wake up, scan the press and find…


As of 11 a.m. this morning, the New York Times World Section has…nothing.

Well, both American and European media are being dominated by liberal and left-leaning media elites.



Demonstrators raise their hands in the air to show that they are unarmed and peaceful, during a protest asking for the disarmament of armed groups in Caracas, Venezuela, on Feb. 16.

One thought on “Why the Venezuelans Absolutely Deserve their Corrupt Socialist/Fascist System

  1. Hi Vincent, the commies has their propaganda in order to deceive people. On this site, real Communism will give the people an equality society, racial hatmony, peace, etc. -which is impossible to happen if the creator of that ideology was a satanist like Karl Marx. Here’s the site: http://llco.org/what-is/

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