Most Hated ‘Apartheid’ State by Global Liberals Picks Filipina Singing Caregiver as First Season Winner of X Factor Israel


Click HERE for the video. 

Israel, the most-hated ‘apartheid’ state by brain-damaged liberals, voted for a Filipino singing caregiver as the first season winner of “X Factor Israel”.

Rose Fostanes, who hails from Taguig City, received a standing ovation from the audience and competition judges, after singing her winning song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

Fostanes’ victory strongly belies the anti-Jewish propaganda by the global Left, liberals and Islamists that Israel is an apartheid state.  

Israel’s demographics and current politics show that this Jewish state is the most democratic in the Middle East and one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Bear in mind that Fostanes is also a self-confessed lesbian, which proves Israel’s diversity and gender equality.

Currently there are about 20,000 Filipinos working legally in Israel, with most working as cleaners and caretakers for the country’s elderly and disabled.

It’s pretty ironic that the Philippines that embraces strong protectionism, limits foreign investment, and bans foreign professionals has been sending tens of thousands of domestic helpers and professionals abroad due to lack of investment and high unemployment rate.

The tiny Jewish state, which is currently at war with its Islamic neighbors, on the other hand, achieved economic success due to its openness to trade and liberalized economy.

According to the Heritage Foundation, Israel is the 44th freest economy in the world. The Philippines ranked 89th this year.

In terms of ease of doing business, Israel ranked 35th, while the Philippines placed 108th in the global ranking.



  1. I’m offended. It is hypocritical for the president of the Philippines to officially promote racism as a matter of “national pride” with statements like this…

    “We know the situation she was in and we are very proud that she has again given the Philippines pride in the showcase of her talent.”


    “The Filipino has an innate advantage when it comes to the arts…. It clearly shows that the excellence of the Filipino can be expressed anywhere, everywhere, when they are given the opportunity to show their talent.”

  2. But she isn’t Palestinian so of course she isn’t going to feel the hate.
    How does one show have anything to do with Israel not being racist? Their beauty Queen is black but there racism against Blacks in Tel Aviv.
    They are at peace with Jordan and Egypt both of whom receive US finding to remain that way so your info is incorrect

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