How an Anti-Science Man-Made Global Warmist Thinks. Definitely Like a Brain-Dead Filipino Freefarter

A popular Facebook group (with over 200,000 likes) called Activist Post posted the following meme

The iced Al Gore meme’s caption read:

“Al Gore freezes to death trying to prove his claim that there would be no ice in 2014…”

As of this press time, the post gained over 3,000 likes and over 12,000 shares. 

Then a seemingly brain-damaged man-made global warming fanatic named Victoria Byrd posted the following arrogant comment: “Because some people still don’t get that the weather and climate change are two different things. Laugh on people, laugh on…”

Here’s a snapshot:


Thankfully, a number of Facebookers, including the group’s admin, were patient enough to respond to this man-made global warming fanatic’s utterly ignorant and arrogant comment.

Here’s how the Facebook conversation went.


And Victoria Byrd’s ‘intelligent’ response? Here: “So you probably REALLY don’t want to hear any info on Fukushima either, I gather… LOL”



I was actually waiting for her to drop the ‘Fox News’ and ‘Koch brothers’ bombs. That’s how brain-dead American liberals think and argue.

It appears that Victoria is not just an AGW-monger; she’s a Fukushima-monger as well.

With regard to her ‘last’ comment, which is her only response to her polite commenters, scientists found and concluded that the Fukushima fear-mongering is just nothing but junk science fear-mongering. This scientist and blogger even calls a viral blog  entitled 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima “an illogical piece of post-modern absurdism”.

A reputed, experienced physicist also claimed there was no Fukushima nuclear disaster. Furthermore, a recent study found that so-called Fukushima-related radiation in Pacific tuna is equal to one twentieth of a normal banana.

But that’s exactly what American and globalist liberals are. Fear-mongers and junk-science fanatics. They stupidly base their dogma and propaganda on emotion, not on facts– on junk science, not on real science– on fallacious ideology not on reality.

As proved by this failed man-made global warming expedition, AGW stupidity can freeze you to death.

Victoria’s Facebook profile absolutely shows she’s indeed a very typical man-made global warming alarmist.

1. She’s a stupid 98-percenter. 


2. A democrat and Obama zombie


Here’s why I said a typical brain-dead AGW alarmist thinks like an equally mentally challenged science-spouting Filipino Freefarters (or freethinkers, whatever that term suggests).

From the online cesspool of arrogant stupidity in the Philippines:


One of its stupidest, most brain-damaged members:


He’s indeed sick in the mind.



Typical MAN-MADE global warming fanatic: an arrogant science-spouting ignoramus. 

Another typical science-spouting freefarting dumb-ass who frequents anti-science leftard sites.


This one takes the cake… Funny!


  • Filipino freethinker (filəˈpēnō frēˈTHiNGkər): noun. a science-spouting uneducated moron.

Man-made global warming crony Al Gore, who made millions out of government-funded green projects must be saying, to paraphrase Hitler: “What good fortune for governments and green cronies that the millions of science-spouting people do not think.”


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