Criminal Terrorist and Communist Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won’t See in Western Liberal Media

Notorious terrorist, war criminal and dyed-in-the-wool communist Nelson Mandela is dead. He was 95 years old.

Now expect Western liberal media, global leftists and useful idiots to beatify this former South African president who once headed the terrorist wing (UmKhonto we Sizwe or MK) of the African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party.

Hours after the announcement of South African communist terrorist’s death, post-American Marxist President Barack Obama praised Mandela as man for the ages. Mandela, Obama said, was “one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth.”

The Scottish Communist Party tweeted: “Nelson Mandela has died. A hero against all the odds. True friend of ordinary ppl & progressive politics, we miss u.”

Tyrannical dictator and leader of a terror, theocratic regime Bashar Assad also praised Mandela as a “hero” and “an inspiration in the values of love and human brotherhood”. “His history of struggle has become an inspiration to all the vulnerable peoples of the world, in the expectation that oppressors and aggressors will learn the lesson that in the end it is they who are the losers,” the Syrian dictator said.

As expected, terrorist organizations like Hamas paid tribute to the South African terrorist and mass murderer saying he was one of the most important symbols of freedom in the world.  Mousa Abu Marzouk, a member of Hamas political bureau said “Mandela was one of the main supporters of the Palestinian cause and his case is very similar to the Palestine question. Mandela spent all of his youth in prison to be freed when his people gained their freedom”.

Yet Mandela also issued the following statement in 1999: “I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel, within secure borders.”

Let me be clear that while Mandela was absolutely right in fighting racism and apartheid in South Africa, he was absolutely wrong in embracing communism and resorting to terrorism. By carrying out acts of terrorism (e.g., bombing civilians in public places, torturing innocent people, necklacing, etc.), Mandela and his comrades were as guilty as South Africa’s apartheid regime.

Mandela can be simply likened to communist Bolshevism that replaced Russia’s last monarchy with Marxist-Leninism monarchism– or to Mao Tse Tung’s communist revolutionary movement that replaced China’s imperial dynasty with Marxist-Maoist political dynasty– or to Kim Il-sung who replaced part of Korea’s monarchy with his one-man, cult-of-personality socialist kingdom.

Mandela was an anti-white racist: Kill the Whites!

The youtube video below shows Mandela singing “Kill the Ama the Bhulu” with a number of communist White supporters. In the Black SA language known as Xhosa, the term “Bhulu” refers to the Whites.

Mandela was as bigoted and murderously irrational as the White Supremacists of his time.  

Fact: Mandela was imprisoned not because he peacefully fought apartheid in South Africa the way Philippines’ Jose Rizal fought the Spanish friars. He was jailed for 27 years because of his terror activities and crimes. In fact, he pleaded guilty to a total of 156 acts of public violence, including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns.

He was a clueless anti-American Communist

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings.”

 He uttered those words while he also praised communist and theocratic dictators who oppressed their own people. 

He was a friend and supporter of commie Fidel Castro

“From its earliest days, the Cuban Revolution has also been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people. We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of the vicious imperialist-orquestrated campaign to destroy the impressive gain made in the Cuban Revolution. … Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro.”

Try to compare socialist Cuba to its pre-Castro era. Fidel Castro was a tyrant and was guilty of crimes against humanity, political violence and oppression, corruption, etc.

He was a long-time supporter of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi

“It is our duty to give support to the brother leader … especially in regards to the sanctions which are not hitting just him, they are hitting the ordinary masses of the people … our African brothers and sisters.”

 He was a clueless supporter of a terrorist, theocratic ‘Palestinian state’

“The UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years, an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

He was a pro-violence Machiavellian Marxist

“At the end of the day… violence was the only weapon that would destroy apartheid.” ~ Nelson Mandela, 1959

Translation: The end justifies the means. It’s OK to spill blood and kill innocent people as long as we achieve the destruction of apartheid.

He was a rabid communist elitist

  1. “Communists have always played an active role in the fight by colonial countries for their freedom, because the short-term objects of Communism would always correspond with the long-term objects of freedom movements.”
  2. His definition of the term “communist”: “A Communist is a member of the Communist Party who understands and accepts the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism as explained by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and who subjects himself to the discipline of the Party.” 
  3. Communist goal, according to him: “The goal of Communism is a classless society based on the principle: from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs. The aim is to change the present world into a Communist world where there will be no exploiters and no exploited, no oppressor and oppressed, no rich and no poor. Communists fight for a world where there will be no unemployment, no poverty and starvation, disease and ignorance. In such a world there will be no capitalists, no imperialists, no fascists. There will be neither colonies nor wars.”
  4. “The victory of Socialism in the U.S.S.R., in the Peoples Republic of China, in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Rumania, where the living conditions of the people were in many respects similar and even worse than ours, proves that we too can achieve this important goal.”

So, why did the ruthless, mass murderous Soviet regime– and all the socialist experiments– fall and collapse? In effect, China’s Maoism collapsed after Deng Xiaoping’s second revolution that embraced certain aspects of capitalism.

He wrote an essay entitled How to be a good communist? Mandela’s essay proves that communism is nothing but an elitist political country club.

He wrote: “Some say that it is impossible to acquire the great qualities of revolutionary geniuses like Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin and that it is impossible to raise our own qualities to the same level as theirs. But as long as Party members work hard and earnestly, never allow themselves to be isolated for one single moment from the day to day struggle of the people, and make serious efforts to study Marxist literature, learn from the experiences of other comrades and the masses of the people, and constantly strive to steel and cultivate themselves, they will be perfectly able to raise their qualities to the same level as that of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.”

Now that makes me think communism is nothing but a sociopathic, anti-reason political CULT!

Based on his political records, a good communist is one who resorts to terrorism, mass murder, racial bigotry, necklacing, political oppression, etc. Indeed, to be a good communist, you need to renounce your individuality and become a murderous, sociopathic, terrorist political zombie. In fact, his wife, Winnie Mandela, practiced and endorsed necklacing, “the practice of summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire.”

According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the first victim of this gruesome mob justice practice was a young girl named Maki Skosana, who was suspected of being a police informer because she attended the funeral of a friend.

The victim’s sister Evelyn Moloko told the committee that Maki was publicly executed on suspicion of her involvement in a handgrenade explosion in which a number of young people were killed in 1985.

“Moloko said her sister was burned to death with a tire around her neck while attending the funeral of one of the youths. Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass had been inserted into her vagina, Moloko told the committee. Moloko added that a big rock had been thrown on her face after she had been killed.”

Here’s what book author Linda Schuster said about the ANC’s and Mandela couple’s necklacing practice:


Mandela is the latest real-world proof– still the living proof– that the leftists and communists blissfully yet stupidly live in a fantasy world.  It is wrong to fight evil by becoming evil or more evil than the devil (apartheid) itself.

  • In the youtube video below, Mandela’s long-time communist comrade in the ANC and the SACP and current president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, sings “Kill the Boer” (translation: “kill the white farmer”). The thing is, these commie Black Supremacists do not just seek to carryout an anti-White genocide; they’re also determined to include people of other races or ethnicity, such as Indians, Chinese and Asians, in their racially inspired communist agenda.



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  1. I don’t care if Mandela was a commie, I’d still choose him over apartheid. Oh, and BTW: Your conservative US counterpart, the Republicans, loved apartheid South Africa so much, they blacklisted the ANC.

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