Brutally Slapping a Megalomaniac, Sociopathic Parliamentary Dum-Dum With Bricks of Facts

There’s only one way to expose a megalomaniac, sociopathic wannabe political ideologue. Slap him with solid facts.

But of course, you can never expect a narcissistic political ideologue, either a wannabe or an old guard, to admit his flaws and own up to his mistakes. When caught lying or cornered, he’d rather twist his own lies and pretend that words are non-objective or everything he said is ‘perfect’ or unassailable’.

That’s the nature of dishonest political ideologues.

Yet the thing about them is that they’re very easy to provoke. Well, it’s because they consider any type or form of criticism provocative. But this wannabe political ideologue I’m talking about takes things to the extreme, as he believes that criticisms of his political advocacy– that is parliamentarism– are equivalent to personal attacks or defamation. Does he even know the legal meaning of “libel” or “defamation”? I don’t think so.

As some people say, legitimate stupidity is very easy to bait.

So, I did a very simple experiment by posting the following image on my Facebook page:


My theory was proven true, as it took this parliamentary dum-dum named Orion Dumdum, only a few minutes to respond to my post. Well, basically some suspicious Facebookers tipped me off about Orion Dumdum‘s latest Facebook meltdown. Yes, the guy went berserk again over my factual, direct-to-the-point online post. 

The image speaks for itself. Orion Dumdum said: “Presidential (PH) – > Gridlock – > Pork Barrel – > Pork Fiasco.” 

So, it’s fair to say Mr. Dumdum is telling us and his blind followers that our presidential system enables “gridlock” and that our presidential government cannot swiftly pass laws or achieve things because of the system’s rigid separation of powers and checks and balances.

Here’s Orion Dumdum‘s patently desperate response:


I answered Orion Dumdum‘s hilarious, pathetic personal attacks point-by-point. 

Here’s my reply:

  1. He’s now revising his script because he knows it exposes his ignorance, empty arrogance and hypocrisy. What he said is pretty clear. Look at the image!
  2. What he said merely exposes his ignorance that the subject of his attack is not presidential system. Morion has been claiming that USA’s most dangerous import is presidential system. Which means that he’s arguing that our “prexy” system is the same as USA’s political system, WHICH IS NOT TRUE! Why does USA have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM? It’s because politicians and parties are compelled by the ELECTORAL COLLEGE to build strong parties in order to win the PRESIDENCY. In the Philippines, we have turncoatism because we have POPULAR ELECTIONS. The president and the VP are elected thru direct and popular elections. That’s not the same as the electoral college in USA, wherein presidents and VPs are elected thru indirect elections. Any pinoy who’s got a brain knows that BS Aquino’s party controls the legislature. The President can control political power thru his Liberal Party and PORK BARREL. So kahit hindi niya kapartido, pwede niyang i-bribe thru pork barrel. By the way, pork barrel in America is not the same as pork barrel here. Line itemized ang pork barrel in the US, which makes it almost impossible for lawmakers to steal money. USA’s pork barrel is almost the same as the party pork barrel in some parliamentary countries like Australia and Great Britain.
  3. Morion said: “The whole point is that Presidential Systems are PRONE-TO-GRIDLOCK and in a bid to avoid gridlock…” Hahahaha! B.S. Aquino’s regime proves you wrong! The more you argue, Dumdum, the more you expose your IGNORANCE! You’re wrong! Just look at the Aquino regime. You’re simply trying to rationalize your flawed, non-factual, BS position.
  4. What “entire Political Science establishment” are you talking about? You’re talking like a global warming alarmist! You must be insane. Have your empty brain checked immediately
  5. orion Dumdum: “Who said that the US and Philippine Presidential Systems are exactly the same?”— That’s what you’ve been arguing in your non-factual, BS blogs. If they’re not the same, that means you’re simply attacking a PRESIDENTIAL STRAWMAN! —-
  6. Ah! There you are again with your megalomaniac, sociopathic signature “you lose” blah-blah! HILARIOUS! —

I posted my replies on his incorrect Facebook group. Not surprisingly, he deleted them because his goal is simply to keep his sheep totally uninformed.

A Facebooker also sent me a private message containing Orion Dumdum‘s pathetic Facebook rants, calling me “troll” for exposing his ignorance and saying I must be charged for “libel” for disagreeing with him. Hilarious! This confirms my theory that this guy is indeed a potential tyrant. He could be ten times worse than B.S. Aquino.


Here’s my reply:

LOL! That dum-dum is indeed a moronic dum-dum (sorry for the redundancy)…

He said: “That troll is a crazy fool who is way too obsessed with the United States of America and thinks that the Philippines should do everything that the USA does…”

— Everything he said is based on his flawed assumptions. That’s worse than strawman fallacy. All he needs to do is read my blogs if he wants to attack my position and what I really said. There are a number of things I wanted to change in the US Constitution, if ever we’re to change our CENTRALIZED, NATIONAL system (not presidentialism) of government. They are as follows:

  • Eminent domain– ABOLISH!
  • Clarify and define commerce clause
  • Clarify and properly define “GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE”
  • Clarify and properly define presidential privilege, presidential agreement.
  • Further limit the powers of president, especially his appointing powers
  • odernise and improve the ELECTORAL COLLEGE system

He said: “because he blindly worships the USA and the US Founding Fathers…”

Admiring them is not the same as “blind worship”. It seems Morion didn’t admire any historical figure. I know they’re not perfect, but they were definitely political geniuses. They knew they needed to establish a limited government. They knew that political terms must be strictly DEFINED. They studied the differences between a Republic and a Democracy. Morion is too clueless and all he knows is throw personal attacks because he knows NOTHING about the founding fathers and the Federalist Papers.

He said: “not thinking for once that the US Founding Fathers set up the USA originally for WHITES ONLY, creating a system based on the Northern European IMMIGRANT culture of the whites who came to the shores of North America.”

HAHAHAHAHA! Wow! He’s an ignoramus. Where did he get the info that the ” US Founding Fathers set up the USA originally for WHITES ONLY”? He must be getting his info from the Leftists. LOL! He should read Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence! America did not invent or originate slavery. The whole world descended from Slavery. It’s time for him to read history to further educate himself. The man who started “black slavery” in America was a BLACK MAN named Anthony Johnson. Before that there were no slave laws in the U.S.

I wholly acknowledge this contradiction in the United States. While the U.S. Constitution calls for equality among men, the American society, particularly the South, condoned and practiced slavery and slave trade. And this started the Civil War when the South refused to end slavery. Nearly a million of white people from the North died to free black people in America.

The rest is not worth responding to.

This statement exposes Orion Dumdum‘s ignorance and lack of historical knowledge: “… he blindly worships the USA and the US Founding Fathers, not thinking for once that the US Founding Fathers set up the USA originally for WHITES ONLY, creating a system based on the Northern European IMMIGRANT culture of the whites who came to the shores of North America.”

That reminds me of one of his blind followers who told me that “the U.S. system is a failed system” because of “the events that led to the Civil War.”

Here’s a snapshot:



Here’s part of my reply.



The following statement by Orion Dumdum‘ made my day:  “As such, he has continued to create a multitude of defamatory and libelous articles with so many factual erros in the Internet that would actually pauperize Froilan Bersamina were he to be charged with libel.”

Libelous and defamatory? This Orion Dumdum is either a delusional creature or he thinks he’s a dictator who must be above the law!

I stated the following before:

 “He doesn’t have enough brain cells to understand that it’s the nation’s political system and basic constitutional principles that can make or break a society. A pro-capitalist, pro-freedom POLITICAL SYSTEM requires a FORM OF GOVERNMENT (which should be presidential) that supports the concept and principles of 1) minimal government, 2) free market system, 3) objective rule of law, and 4) individualist concept of rights.

“Are these what Orion call “defamatory”? To Orion, it’s “defamatory” if you objectively criticize his parliamentary idiocy. Who the heck is this guy to accuse anyone who criticizes his INCORRECT movement of DEFAMATION? He doesn’t even know the legal meaning of “defamation”.”

And this

I’ve NOTHING against him. It’s your guy who takes things very personally. If people disagree with him, your paranoid, psychopathic, narcissistic Dear Fuhrer thinks he’s being personally attacked. Does he actually think he represents parliamentary system? He should learn to differentiate his own delusional self from his own political advocacy, which is parliamentarism. That’s exactly how dictators think. If people disagree or criticize their failed politics, the dictators think they’re being personally attacked. But who the heck is he? Is he above reproach? I just think his parlia-dogma is just non-factual, illogical, baseless, ignorant, idiotic, and fanatical.

This is politics. Anyone who holds and advocates any kind of policy or politics or ideology must be ready for criticisms. Unless you’re a megalomaniac, narcissistic psychopath who thinks very highly of your own deluded self.


Let me give this politically clueless, megalomaniac creature real-world examples of defamatory, libelous online attacks. They are as follows:

Who created them? Obviously it’s Orion Dumdum. He left lots of “finger prints” and evidence for keen observers to see.

I may have called Orion Dumdum “dum-dum”, “sociopath”, “megalomaniac”, “ignorant”, and “moronic”, but it’s because that’s what he is. I simply called him by his proper “name”. But I’ve never stooped down to his level, e.i., by using patently unsavory words (e.g., die you, mamatay ka na, satanist, etc.) or by directly attacking his person or family.

Perhaps Orion Dumdum believes everything he said is true and unassailable, and that his “parliamentary system” is perfect. Unfortunately (or fortunately for him), his blind followers are too blind and gullible in that they’re ready and willing to take his words on faith.


Despite Shutdown, Americans Still Prefer Gridlock-Prone Republican Federalism to Any Alternative System

While U.S. President Barack Obama and his democratic minions continue to blame Republicans for the Democrat-ordered government shutdown and to punish the American people, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that most Americans now prefer a single-party government or any alternative system.

Fortunately, Americans are not buying MSNBC’s and liberal news media’s stupid propaganda and talking points that the gridlock-prone American Constitution is to blame for the latest government shutdown and inability of democratic lawmakers and the Obama government to push their political agenda.

“No Pork Barrel” Under Parliamentarism Says a Facebook Propagandist, then Gets KO’d!

Sorry, folks, especially Mr. Dumdum (the most shameless parliamentary propagandist I’ve ever seen and encountered online), but pork barrel also exists, or is even rampant, in parliamentary countries.

Those who believe that a shift to parliamentarism is the only answer to our “pork barrel” crisis are either lying or politically naive. The only practical solution to this pork issue is: ABOLISH PORK BARREL and totally remove  the power or capacity of our lawmakers or any politicians to abuse, misappropriate public money.

A Parliamentary Dum-Dum’s Tyrannical “Gridlock is Bad” Clueless Diatribe Against America’s Pol System

If Mr. Orion Dumdum really knew the facts of the case, he’d understand that the Republican-controlled House funded all government agencies and programs, except for ObamaCare. In fact, at least 17 Democrats joined the Republican lawmakers in passing their budget bill to the Democrats-dominated U.S. Senate, which rejected it.

The lower-house lawmakers were simply doing their job. Everything they did was constitutional. According to the U.S. Constitution, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” That’s exactly what the congressmen did. The truth is, it was the Democrats who caused or ordered the so-called shutdown.

How RP’s Remaining Republican Principles Can Save Us from B.S. Aquino’s Creeping Liberal Fascism

The ongoing political friction between the Judiciary and the united Executive-Legislature may precipitate a political deadlock, which may result in our own version of partial government shutdown. Federal government shutdown in the United States was caused by legislative budget gridlock (between Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate) over President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. In the Philippines, a partial shutdown may be triggered by the Court’s possible nullification of B.S. Aquino’s pork barrel, a situation that might render the president’s pet projects and our lawmakers’ deep pockets totally UNFUNDED.














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