Despite Shutdown, Americans Still Prefer Gridlock-Prone Republican Federalism to Any Alternative System

While U.S. President Barack Obama and his democratic minions continue to blame Republicans for the Democrat-ordered government shutdown and to punish the American people, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that most Americans now prefer a single-party government or any alternative system.

Fortunately, Americans are not buying MSNBC’s and liberal news media’s stupid propaganda and talking points that the gridlock-prone American Constitution is to blame for the latest government shutdown and inability of democratic lawmakers and the Obama government to push their political agenda.

A large percentage of Americans, according to a recent Gallup survey, favors division of power between the two dominant parties. This means that there’s an increasing number of Americans who still prefer the current constitutional setup– that is, a so-called gridlock-prone system– to a single party system.


Even as the division of power in Washington between Republicans and Democrats is wreaking havoc with the federal government, Americans’ preference for having one political party run both the White House and Congress is at a record low.

At, 25%, the percentage of Americans today favoring one-party control in Washington is virtually equivalent to the 28% who favor splitting power between the two parties. The plurality, 38%, say it makes no difference.

American liberal and leftist media pundits like Chris Hayes, of the left-wing and pro-Obama network MSNBC, have been blaming the U.S. Constitution for the partial federal government shutdown instead of the Democrats in the Senate who rejected the GOP-controlled Congress’ budget bill and Obama who said many times that he refused to negotiate to reopen the government and avert a debt default.

The truth of the matter is, the Republicans in Congress passed a budget bill that fully funded the government, except for ObamaCare. The Republicans defunded the ObamaCare, as they sought to delay it for a year, a decision that was supported by leftist unions and big businesses that strongly supported Obama’s socialist healthcare program. But instead of negotiating with Congress, Obama, who was willing to provide exemptions to unions and big businesses, ordered federal government agencies to shutdown.

Now, from the facts of the case, it’s pretty much clear it was the Democrats and Obama who shut the government down. Obama’s, America’s first openly Marxist president, was willing to negotiate with Iran and Syria, but not with the GOP. He didn’t just shut down public parks and federal offices, but private parks and businesses that don’t get funding from the federal government as well.

Bottom line, the Gallup article noted:

One might think that after Americans witnessed this month’s spectacular display of political gridlock in Washington, their desire to have one political party control both the presidency and Congress would have surged. But one would be wrong.

Many Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, hold firm to the seemingly cynical view that it doesn’t matter how party control is organized in Washington. Beyond that, Republicans’ and Democrats’ preferences seem mainly influenced by which scenario would be better for their own party, given the affiliation of the sitting president. That leaves the views of non-skeptical independents, who lean roughly 2-to-1 toward divided government — a typical posture that possibly reflects their fundamental distance from both parties.

This raises questions about how potent the issue of partisan balance will be in the 2014 midterm elections or the 2016 presidential election. Both parties may invoke the shutdown fiasco to try to persuade voters to install a single party — their party — both in the White House and on Capitol Hill. However, if Americans aren’t currently convinced this is the best scenario for the country, it may be difficult to kindle that belief in one or three years.

So, some brain-dead liberals believe a dominant Democrat Party that controls both the Legislature and the Executive branches of government would have prevented the partial government shutdown? This exposes the cognitive dissonance of the Establishment Liberals.

Question: How would these brain-damaged Liberals and Democrats feel if the GOP controlled both the Legislature and the Federal government, and passed laws that would ban gay marriage, abortion, medical marijuana, and other things/activities that liberals strongly advocate? There would be extremely violent riots across America.

From my previous blog:

The founding fathers established separation-of-powers institutions (via federalism and the triumvirate system of three governmental branches) to prevent a single branch (e.g., the executive or judiciary) from abusing political power. Part of this principle, including the principle of division of powers, is the establishment of a bicameral legislative system consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Using the government shutdown example, the House has the constitutional power to pass a national budget and the Senate may only propose or concur with amendments. This prevents the Executive Office or the President, and his party-mates in the legislature, from corrupting the system, funding their welfare pet projects, and using public money to advance their political interests.

It’s not really surprising why Obama went berserk when the Republicans in Congress defunded his pet project ObamaCare, officially known as Affordable Care Act. Without such principles of Limited Government, that kept America safe from full-blown dictatorship for over 200 years, Obama would have been able to turn America into a complete Welfare State, just like Greece.

  • These educated comments on the MSNBC video shows America is not yet hopeless.






8 thoughts on “Despite Shutdown, Americans Still Prefer Gridlock-Prone Republican Federalism to Any Alternative System

  1. There is a reason Obama, inc. wants to open borders to illegal immigrants – as a population base of future democratic voters to tip the scales in favor of liberals. Americans may wake up to the treachery of Obama but it may be too late if democrats control the government.

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