What Does this Inquirer Headline Tell Us? A Lesson Never Learned

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Nope! This is not the latest issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It was published on August 13, 1996.

Same issues, same crises. Pork barrel and MNLF warlordism.

Remember that a month later– September of 1996– the Philippine government and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), an Islamic separatist movement in Mindanao, signed a final peace agreement stating that the ARMM would have a legislative assembly, executive council, special regional security forces, and an economic and financial system.

Misuari was elected as third ARMM governor on September 9, 1996, exactly a week after he signed, along with then President Fidel Ramos, the most hyped government-MNLF final peace agreement.

In 1997, the GRP and MILF began peace negotiations.

In 2000, the fed up government of then President Joseph Estrada suspended the peace talks and declared an “all-out war” against the MILF. By July of that year, the MILF’s main headquarters, Camp Abubakar, got overrun by government forces.

Did Ramos’ appeasement work? NOPE! It even made Misuari and other breakaway separatist movement stronger and more defiant.

  • Here’s today’s Inquirer headline…



Why Christians and Atheists in Mindanao Should Form a ‘Militia’ Coalition


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