Is Mark Joseph Tajo Solis a Psychopath?

I think he is. Or, he exhibits some positive signs that he may be a psychopath.

Like I stated in a previous blog, while watching his acceptance speech video, I was wondering, how could he keep a straight face while telling a barefaced lie to the audience and competition organizers?

I wrote:

Personally I couldn’t have done it. In fact, the mere thought passing off as my own a photo that won a contest would make me shudder. I would have felt tremendous guilt, shame and remorse.

I was wondering, what did Solis feel while he delivered his acceptance speech? Did he feel guilt? Did he feel shame or fake happiness? Yet watching his acceptance speech makes me think he’s really good at lying.

The guy is really good at what he does– stealing some people’s published photographs and lying. 

Now he’s trying to portray himself as a victim. Yes, he now plays the victim card.

People who indulge in “self-victimization”, according to this blogsite, do so for a number of reasons– “to control or influence other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions; to justify their abuse of others; to seek attention; or, as a way of coping with situations.”

In an interview with GMA News TV, Solis said financial problems and his desire to help his family forced him to commit photo plagiarism.

“Hirap din sa buhay, minsan gusto mo rin ng bagong gamit kahit papano, minsan kapos sa tuition, in fact ngayon hindi pa ako nakakabayad ng tuition ko sa UP (Life is hard, sometimes you want new things, sometimes you lack tuition money, in fact I haven’t paid my UP tuition yet).”

Also in my previous blog I made the following suggestion:

  • SUGGESTION: Check his academic papers as well. Run his papers through Turnitin or any plagiarism detector software. 

Today I read this PhilStar report wherein a netizen named Maricris Valte, who used to work with Solis, revealed that UP has no

Mark Joseph Tajo Solis
Mark Joseph Tajo Solis

undergraduate thesis in Political Science.

As to Solis’ financial problems, Valte posted on his Facebook account: “Watching Mark Solis’ interview on GMA News TV, where he claims that money problems forced him to resort to misrepresenting himself. I want to puke! I’ve seen his house in Las Piñas and the venue of the GMA-7 interview doesn’t look anything close to his house. He has more expensive gadgets than I have! I challenge the fact-finding committee of UP to investigate his and his family’s lifestyle.”

Solis’ curriculum vitae published on LinkedIn (it’s now a cache copy because apparently it was already deleted) states he completed a thesis entitled “Accountability Deficit and Electoral Violence: The Case of Civilian Volunteer Organizations in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao” wherein he received “1.25” or “Excellent” mark – highest grade in class.

This is another case of misrepresentation, according to Valte.

“As Dr. Maria Ela Atienza of Pol Sci dept said, there is no undergraduate thesis in Pol Sci, unless you belong to a 5-year BA-MA Honors program (and Mark did not belong to this program). In such case, you get a grade of P or F for your thesis, with no numerical equivalent,” Valte said.

Solis posted the following projects or published/unpublished works on LinkedIn:

He also listed the following as his published works:

  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: A Case Study of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law System in Japan

    • Conference proceedings published by the Korean Institute for Public Administration and Korean Association for Policy Studies
    • June 2011

    •Sole undergraduate and youngest paper presenter at the 2011 KAPS International Conference (Fairness in Public Policy: Efficiency, Equity, and Beyond), June 17-18, Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul, South Korea
    •Awarded Conference Grant by KIPA

  • Warlords, Electoral Violence, and Cross-border Arms Flow: Examining their Implications to Philippine Democracy

    • Conference proceedings published by Universiti Sains Malaysia
    • March 2011

    •Paper presenter at the 1st International Conference on Globalization, Governance, and Sustainability for Youth in ASEAN, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, March 19-22, 2011
    •Awarded Conference Grant by USM

  • Promoting Sustainable Human Development through Intercity Networks: Insights and Issues from East Asia

    • Conference proceedings published by the UP National College of Public Administration and Governanance
    • January 2012

    •Paper presenter at the 1st National Congress on Good Governance, UP National College of Public Administration and Governance, Quezon City, Philippines, January 13-15, 2012
    •Abstract previously submitted to and published by the 5th Asian Political and International Studies Congress, Taichung, Taiwan, November 24-25, 2012 (

  • Managing Disasters through a Multi-sectoral Approach: Comparative Insights, Inroads, and Imperatives

    • Philippine Society for Public Administration (
    • September 2012

    •Paper presenter at the 1st PSPA International Conference entitled “Exploring the Governance and Human Rights Agenda: Dimensions and Dynamics of Public Sector,” Cebu City, Philipines, October 4-5, 2012

  • Confronting Notoriety: The Rise of Warlordism and the Road to Peace in Southern Philippines

    • Southeast Asian Human Rights Studies Network (
    • October 2012

    •Paper presenter at the 2nd International Conference on Human Rights and Peace & Conflict in Southeast Asia, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 17-18, 2012
    •Awarded Conference Grant by SEAHRN

Click on the links provided. Most of them are dead links or broken links. Did Solis also misrepresent his academic achievements? UP should also investigate this matter. I think it’s time for UP to use anti-plagiarism software like Turnitin, Ithenticate, etc.

In regard to Solis’ signs of psychopathy or psychopathic traits, the following are considered psychopathy symptoms:

  1. Considerable superficial charm and average or above average intelligence.
  2. Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.
  3. Absence of anxiety or other “neurotic” symptoms. Considerable poise, calmness and verbal facility.
  4. Unreliability, disregard for obligations, no sense of responsibility, in matters of little and great import.
  5. Untruthfulness and insincerity.
  6. Antisocial behavior which is inadequately motivated and poorly planned, seeming to stem from an inexplicable impulsiveness.
  7. Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior.
  8. Poor judgment and failure to learn from experience.
  9. Pathological egocentricityTotal self-centeredness and an incapacity for real love and attachment.
  10. General poverty of deep and lasting emotions.
  11. Lack of any true insight; inability to see oneself as others do.
  12. Ingratitude for any special considerations, kindness and trust.
  13. Fantastic and objectionable behavior, after drinking and sometimes even when not drinking. Vulgarity, rudeness, quick mood shifts, pranks for facile entertainment.

Other signs:

  1. He has a history of financial or occupational instability (he admitted it)
  2. He tells grandiose stories (example: misrepresented academic achievements).
  3. He feels like the world owes him so he…(sounds like leftism)
  4. He’s mastered the art of charm (did you see his videos, especially his acceptance speech?).
  5. He believes the rules don’t apply to him (example: his repeat photograbbing)


  1. just want to make a comment. This reminds me of a work colleague, a Korean lady who had kleptomaniac tendencies. The thing is, she would steal when nobody else was there! I still don’t understand the logic – the situation would point to the obvious, db? Sya lang naman nadun. Then she stole from my bag of pasalubong – again there was no other suspect, I personally handed it to her to take some, but she took a personalized name tag. It left my mouth hanging down to the ground. And yet, even before that happened, I was the only one left civilized to her, everybody else just hated her (for stealing from them too). Ang bait ko na nga sa kanya e. But it was so weird too. Ang obvious kasi. For Solis, he was just sorry he was caught.

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