It’s Scripted: Napoles Surrendered to BS Aquino to Become a State Witness, Period!

What a very ugly political reality show!
What a very ugly political reality show!

Everything is scripted. 

This is what a number of media pundits were insinuating hours after so-called businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged brains of the P10 billion pork barrel scam, surrendered to the President Wednesday, August 28.

The alleged pork barrel queen’s lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, worked smoothly to tell the media Napoles, who had a P10 million bounty put on her head that very same day, surrendered as she feared for her safety.

As if on cue, Kapunan did her part very convincingly and quickly, as she told the press her client “made the decision very quickly out of fear for her life”, because “everybody is after her”.

What this feisty lawyer was saying is, death threats forced Napoles to surrender– not to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that was going after her, but to BS Aquino. gain, keep in mind the president put a P10 million bounty on the ex-fugitive’s head in the morning of August 28. This information might help you better understand what the heck is going on with this multi-billion political drama.  

When asked about the details of Napoles and BS Aquino’s conversation, Kapunan declined to give further information and said ” it will be proper for the President to be the one who will give the details of her surrender.”

Obviously, Kapunan only faced the media to feed them what they needed to know and publish.

Manila Bulletin reports:

What she can only share as of the moment, according to Kapunan, is that her client conveyed her fear for her safety, especially when the public is also keen on hunting her down, by hook or by crook.

Also, Kapunan said there are other groups who are out to kill her in order to prevent her from talking about the Pork Barrel Scam issue.

“From the very beginning, Mrs. Napoles has been telling the truth,” Kapunan said.

Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas confirmed that Napoles indeed feared for her life after the president announced a bounty for her capture.

“She coursed her voluntary surrender feelers through Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, who forwarded it right away to the President,” Roxas said.

Ok. Nuff said!

Napoles with her lawyer, Kapunan, in Malacanang.
Napoles with her lawyer, Kapunan, in Malacanang.

But what really happened before the widely covered Napoles surrender?

Lino Celle, a Filipino anchor for RMN Radio Pinoy in New York, revealed that BS Aquino knew about Napoles’ whereabouts a few hours before he announced a P10 million bounty for the country’s most wanted woman’s immediate arrest.

Also, bear in mind that Malacañang announced Napoles’ surrender at 9:37 p.m (August 28).

Lino Celle posted the following on Facebook:


An anonymous source in the Philippine Dept of Justice ( DOJ ) said, “NAPOLES is detained in UNDISCLOSED LOCATION in approximately 200 kilometers North of Manila. She has offered to become a WHISTLEBLOWER for the State Prosecutors”.

Secretary Leila De Lima confirmed that “Under the Rules of the Court, anyone who would stand as witness for the State is qualified to be under our protective custody”. De Lima was silent about NAPOLES whereabouts, at press time.

This development came to light hours after the 8 InterAgency Task Force was formed on August 27 2013 Tuesday Manila Time, another source said.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Palace remains tight lip on NAPOLES whereabouts but a source said, “they are confident NAPOLES is still inside the country…

Here’s a snapshot:


In the post, US-based broadcast journalist Gel Santos Relos asked Celle if the “breaking news” was confirmed and who his “credible source” was, the latter simply replied– “I can”t compromise the sources’ personal security. I believe the sources because they never missed in the past!”

So, if Celle’s revelation prove to be true, which came first– Napoles’ detention in an “undisclosed location” or the President’s P10 million bounty announcement?

Celle’s post also states Napoles surrendered to the President “to become a WHISTLEBLOWER for the State Prosecutors,” which was actually played out hours after her surrender.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima also played her part by telling the media her office would not rule out tapping Napoles as a state witness to go after crooks in the government.

Sounds legit, but… The question is– isn’t Napoles the most guilty or one of the most guilty?

What a pure BS idea! This whole thing looks too scripted to me. Might as well ask this again– Did B.S. Aquino Regime Stage the Pork Barrel Crisis?

By the way, De Lima made public her BS “Napoles-state-witness” idea a few hours before Napoles turned herself in to Malacanang, which looks more suspicious to me because it really looks like they were expecting Napoles to finally surrender, which she did.

“We’re not yet considering that (making Napoles a state witness) at this point. She should surface first and surrender before we can go into that,” De Lima said.

I say, that De Lima statement simply cheapened the whole thing.

To make the BS story short, Napoles finally surrendered– to BS Aquino– for fear of her life and safety– because of a just announced BS P10 million bounty on her head– to become a state witness!

Now we know!

The idea that Napoles might turn a state witness cheapened the whole drama, including the Million People March last Monday.


The government is open to the option, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas told reporters past midnight Thursday, but the notion stirred a hornet’s nest within and outside legal circles, with her accusers calling her the most guilty and therefore least qualified.

The main opposition alliance said doing so is tantamount to “appointing the witch as the witch-hunter,” or the main tool for the selective prosecution of political rivals. United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) secretary general Toby Tiangco also said that move to make her state witness practically conceals the real story tucked beneath the floors of Congress and even Malacanang.

According to this lawyer, Napoles cannot become a state witness because “SHE IS THE MOST GUILTY”

Section 17(d) of Rule 119 of the Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure provides that an accused can be discharged to become a witness for the state when “said accused does not appear to be the most guilty”. Somehow, i cannot but expect the government to find a way for Napoles to be granted immunity from suit EVEN IF THE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW IT. Reports of Napoles having contributed to PNoy’s campaign coffers certainly creates a cloud of suspicion about whether the government is serious in prosecuting all concerned INCLUDING Napoles. We will see within the coming days if the charge list would include ALL who benefited from the pillage and plunder of taxpayers’ money, and not merely a veiled persecution and neutralization of perceived political opponents for the 2016 Presidential elections.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said NO!

In a press statement, Santiago listed 5 requirements for an accused to turn state witness, among them, not appearing to be the most guilty. Napoles, according to Santiago, “will find it extremely difficult to prove her claim that she is not the most guilty.”

Citing rules of court, Santiago listed the requirements as follows:

  1. The accused does not appear to be the most guilty
  2. There is absolute necessity for the testimony of the accused whose discharge is requested
  3. There is no other direct evidence available for the proper prosecution of the offense committed, except the testimony of the accused
  4. The accused has not at any time been investigated of any offense involving moral turpitude
  5. The testimony of the accused can be substantially corroborated in its material points

A Makati RTC had ordered her to be jailed in Makati City Jail.

Napoles as a state witness? Cut the crap! That’s pure BS!


A few hours after posting this blog, I received a message from an unknown Facebooker telling me to reconsider Lino Celle as a “credible source”. First, when we’re dealing with a highly complicated issue involving powerful and influential people and when the information we have at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg, all we can do is gather more facts and information. That is, all we can do is keep collecting information and facts to get the whole picture of this ongoing political drama.

To be sure Lino Celle made himself a public figure, though he already is a public figure, by involving himself in this issue via his revelations. Who knows? Perhaps some of the whistle-blowers are also “pakawala” of the BS Aquino regime or part of this political drama. Should the media ignore them? Absolutely not!

I am posting a screenshot of my conversation with this Facebooker named Joseph Liwanag




My reply:

It turned out that Lino Celle posted something against Joseph Liwanag on Facebook. Here’s a post from FB group Showbiz Government.


To which Lino Celle replied…


I’m not supposed to take sides here.

In regard to Lino Celle‘s revelations, I already had the idea this political drama was a manufactured crisis several days before Napoles’ surrender. In fact I posted this blog entry titled Did B.S. Aquino Regime Stage the Pork Barrel Crisis? on August 19. So no need to worry… Lino Celle‘s tip is what I call a somehow useful media/blog material.


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  1. It’s really a scripted incident…and a president to do such thing is incredible and doubtful to any clever individual…please analyze the situation and you may absolutely say…it’s BINGO!!!

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