The Day Leftard Protesters Felt Left Out


Reports and tweets reveal leftards and militant groups were booed and rejected. Isolated, they were forced to look for some comfortable protest venue and ended up protesting alone.

Others from Bayan Muna resorted to vandalism and desecration of public or even private property with leftist graffiti.

Here’s an interesting report from

Several participants at the netizen-organized “Million People March” against the pork barrel said they were uncomfortable at the presence of  militant groups that went to Luneta Park on Monday.

“Bakit sila nandyan? ‘Di sila kasama d’yan, mga komunista ginagamit ang demokrasya para sa kanilang ideolohiya!” Marguille Camasura from Bacolod said, referring to left-leaning organizations that arrived at the march.

“Akala ko ba walang leftist at politiko? It’s supposed to be the march of the people darn it!” student Alexa Avillano said.

“Boo sa sumasawsaw na militante!” news enthusiast Jason Manglapus exclaimed.

Some netizens expressed their disappointment with the left-leaning groups on Twitter.



Anyare mga comrades? Cost-cutting? Not enough funds?

 Where are they going?
They couldn’t even enter the main protest venue…

They resorted to vandalism and graffiti writing… 

A commie hakot truck? 


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  1. Interestingly enough – the tell-tale sign of her whereabouts can be found by looking in the upper left hand corner of her “cell phone screen shot” where the text conversation is noted. Her SP is AT&T – an American based company.

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