12 Things Violent Leftards Can Learn from Million People March

The passionate yet dogmatic leftards are notorious for their violent protests, vandalism, angry placards and posters,  and propaganda-filled protest gimmickry.

As stated in a previous blog: “Violence or aggression is part of their behavior and mindset, and this can be attributed to the violent nature of their ideology. What do you expect from a group of ideological dogmatists who fanatically believe that the only way to change a system or to fundamentally transform a society is through bloody revolution? This is the reason why leftists are into violent, bloody protests.”

Remember the violent SONA (State of the Nation Address) protest? The use of violence from both sides during the protest was totally unnecessary.

As much as I dislike BS Aquino’s populist, failed politico-economic policies, what’s the point of burning an effigy? I thought most leftards are climate change activists as well…

Can’t they air their grievances and protest government abuses without causing too much waste?

Then there was this trash-talking Dutch commie Thomas van Beersum…

And who’s gonna clean this mess?

Vandal alert! Bayan Muna clients need to buy some class… with their pork money?

Now here are things leftards can learn from the peaceful Million People March.

1. Peaceful protest is cool!

2. Protest without being too partisan

3. Express your disgust more creatively without resorting to violence

4. Do it with smiles

Well, a lot of smiles!

5. Do it by sharing blessings! 

6. Do it with some class

7. Do it clean and waste-free

Make it litter-free! 

8. Make it cute!

9. Protest knows no boundary

10. Do it with some style

With props, too!

11. Do it very simply- Sometimes protest is not about posters and placards; it’s about presence. 

12. Protest with these adorable ‘young at heart’ adults

Kudos to the man waving the Israeli flag!

Here’s netizen Henry E. Samonte proudly showing his anti-pork poster to photographers. See more photos of him and his poster HERE.

UPDATE: How commies reacted to this blog

Well, they simply hate it. One commie Facebooker named Gerry Lanuza said they “don’t smile” because they just “love revolution” and “revolution is love”. Perhaps they also love killing innocent people, extorting small business-owners and farmers in the countryside, forcibly imposing revolutionary taxes on ordinary people who don’t support their violent political cause, and trying to fundamentally transform this society according to their violent ideology and through bloody revolution. 

What a peaceful reaction! Now that reminds me of George Orwell’s statist battle-cry:




  1. To them, a peaceful protest is a failure. Their ultimate objective is to prompt violence through agitation. Can we still teach an old dog new tricks?

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