Don’t Be Fooled: Leftards are for More Pork Barrel

I told some Facebook commie-warriors of the CPP-NPA and leftist party-lists assembled at this Facebook group to stop trying to hijack tomorrow’s Million People March.

I hope leftist party-list representatives and their paid lackeys and useful idiots had the courage and honesty to tell the public they’re one of the biggest beneficiaries of the replaced, overhauled, reincarnated or improved (call it what you will) Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). With the help of the much maligned, graft-ridden pork barrel, progressive party-list groups were able to promote their leftist agenda, to finance their own pet projects and leftist causes, to expand their grassroots movements, and to continue to infect the country’s collectivist social psyche.

A number of leftist lawmakers in Congress have been paying lip service to pork barrel abolition to woo idealistic, anti-corruption voters. In reality, it is these leftist party-list groups that desperately need pork money most. They need it to promote their leftist brand by financing so-called humanitarian aid (e.i., “soft projects”) and to further develop and fortify their political base (e.i., 21st century leftist plantation).  

But a dogmatic communist named Rey Refran disagreed. When I told him that in reality, the leftists are for more pork barrel, Rey Refran said: “How can the Left be for more pork barrel when in fact they’re one of those spearheading its abolition?”

A typical clueless communist, Rey Refran just didn’t get the drift. Pork barrel is just a form of welfare. The main agenda of the leftists in Congress is to add more welfare programs and to expand our over-bloated Welfare State.

Consider the following snapshot…


Observe the anti-logic, anti-facts style of the leftists. Everything that exposes their hypocrisy and agenda is “black propaganda”. In effect, Rey Refran is trying to tell me the leftist party-list groups didn’t get their pork allocations, and any claim or argument to the contrary is to be branded as “black propaganda”.

What makes it a “black propaganda”? Well, here’s what this Rey Refran said: “Bakit ngayon lang nilabas ni Abad yan, kung kelan nag-gain steam na ang panawagan na alisin ang Pork Barrel? DBM, y u no release it only days before the 26th?”


That merely shows the leftists don’t just hate facts; they’re impervious to facts. Obviously Rey Refran doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That leftist-party-list groups like Bayan Muna blissfully received their pork allocations is a well-documented, unassailable fact. Budget department secretary Florencio Abad has nothing to do with the release of Bayan Muna’s PDAF spending records. It is available online, and it’s part of the customary practice of the government to make these records and documents public.

Anyway, all I had to do was show this Rey Refran and his Facebook comrades undeniable, indisputable facts and public documents. The following shows party-list groups and their pork allocations for year 2013:


Since Rey Refran and his Facebook comrades are obvious lackeys and useful idiots of Bayan Muna, I focused my attention and criticism on leftist lawmaker Teddy Casino’s political party.

According to Department of Budget and Management (DBM) record, Bayan Muna received the following pork allocations from years 2009 to 2013:

  • 2009: P29,650,000
  • 2010: P73,300,000
  • 2011: P30,000,000
  • 2012: P124,775,000
  • 2013: P95,725,000

The following shows Teddy Casino’s PDAF releases breakdown for fiscal year 2012:


Some of Mr. Casino’s pork releases went to soft projects, such as medicines, medical kits, ice bags, and other such items.

However, the following Casino projects don’t have their corresponding prices:


At least 69 projects don’t have their corresponding prices. Casino received a total of P50 million from Bayan Muna’s P124 million PDAF share in 2012.

For his 2013 pork share of P45,350,000, Casino listed the following projects:

  • P1.725 million: Financial assistance to individuals, families or communities for education, health, transportation, burial, medical, housing, relief, rehabilitation and/or other need/s which may arise due to natural or man/made disaster of difficult situation.
  • P3.289 million: Financial assistance for individuals, families or communities for education, health, transportation, burial, medical, housing, relief, rehabilitation and/or other need/s which may arise due to natural or man/made disaster of difficult situation.
  • P1.025 million: Financial assistance for the implementation of the Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (education, health, transportation, burial, medical, housing, relief, rehabilitation and/or other need/s which may arise due to natural or man-made disaster or difficult situation).
  • P200,000: Health – Purchase of BHW Kits – first aid kits for the following local government units (one kit contains 1 BP apparatus, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of scissors, 1 tongue depressor, 1 bandage).
  • P500,000: Health – Medical/Dental mission including provision of medicines (5 missions, P100,000/mission).
  • P160,000: Health – Purchase of 40 BHW Kits – first aid kits for barangay health workers (one kit contains 1 BP apparatus, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of scissors, 1 tongue depressor, 1 bandage).
  • P600,000: Riprapping
  • P200,000: Education – Purchase of 8 units desktop computer for the night students of Gun-ob National High School (@P25,000/unit). Specifications: Inter Dual Core E5700 (3.0Ghz, 2MB cache) 2GB DDR2 320GB Sata II DVD Writer High definition 5.1 audio surround sound 10/100 Lan Multi card reader 18.5” LCD Monitor.

Compared with Janet Napoles’ fake NGO scheme, I think it is more difficult to audit and to trace irregularities involving soft projects. In other words, this soft project scheme is a lot safer and harder to detect compared with the fake NGO scheme.

However, with BS Aquino’s  so-called pork barrel “abolition”, otherwise known as pork barrel overhaul, Casino and his fellow representatives can no longer continue funding and supporting soft projects. The President’s new scheme will have the following guidelines:

  1. Projects to be funded to come from a specific menu of qualified projects;
  2. Disallowed are soft projects: fertilizers, seeds, medicines, medical kits, dentures, funding for sports fest, training materials, and other such items;
  3. Disallowed are temporary infrastructure, dredging, de-silting, re-gravelling, or asphalt-overlay projects;
  4. Funds cannot be disbursed to NGOs and certain GOCCs, such as ZREC and NABCOR, both of which, along with others, will be abolished;
  5. Funds must be limited to the district or sector of the legislator who sponsored it;
  6. All items will be subject to open and competitive bidding, with all bid notices and awards posted on the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS); and
  7. For transparency, each will be disclosed in the DBM and related agency websites, as well as the National Data Portal of the government.

In other words, Casino can no longer use his pork share to buy medicines and computers and to provide financial assistance to favored individuals and groups.

I support the total abolition of pork barrel. Despite the fact that BS Aquino’s new scheme merely overhauled the much discredited PDAF, it is nevertheless a big blow to the leftist party-list groups’ progressive/leftist agenda and their clients (e.g., plantation slaves). Under this new “transparent” scheme, leftist party-list groups need to bootlick in order to get their “fair share”.

Leftards are against pork barrel? Who are you kidding?

UPDATE: Casino Rationalizes His Hypocritical Contradictions

In his August 26 blog post, Rep. Casino tries to explain his contradiction, saying “proper use by a few can’t compensate for plunder of the many (Or why, despite using it in the past, we want the pork barrel abolished).”

Clarifying pork barrel is bad, he said:

“Sure as we are about the proper use of our PDAF, we know that in the hands of traditional politicians, it is a recipe for plunder. Worse are the equally vague, discretionary lump sum allocations under the Executive (a.k.a. presidential pork) which dwarfs the PDAF. Such funds are practically designed for plunder and the perpetuation of a culture of patronage that defines our political system.”

One word: Rationalization. Second word: Hypocritical.

Katas ng porky?
Katas ng porky?

If some anti-pork barrel lawmakers managed to practice what they preach, why can’t Casino and his comrades from their bloc? Very simple: stop getting your pork allocation! Practice what you preach and stop trying to rationalize your argument, Mr. Casino. You’re simply repeating what the President said. Just quote him.

As stated above, ” it is these leftist party-list groups that desperately need pork money most.” Unlike individual representatives that rely on charisma and/or their established political dynasty, leftist party-list groups, which are technically mass movements, need money and resources to politically survive, to maintain and expand their grassroots power base, to promote their political agenda, and to finance their social causes and activities.


From Bayan first to get ‘pork’

The militant party-list group Bayan Muna has received the first Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) release this year.

The PDAF is the official name of the congressional pork barrel. It allocates P200 million for each senator and P70 million for each member of the House of Representatives.

According to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), it released P40 million to Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares last Jan. 7.

Colmenares is the first and only recipient of a PDAF release in 2013, although the P40 million is part of DBM’s backlog of disbursements of his P70-million allocation for 2011.

Last year, Colmenares and Bayan Muna colleague Teddy Casiño received P124.7 million, of which P108.9 million was for 2011 and P15.8 million for 2012. This means that they had a combined balance of P124.2 million as of the end of last year.

The projects funded with Colmenares’ P40 million include a P1.2-million water system in Barangay Tasilay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur; a multi-purpose building costing P1.4 million in Barangay San Isidro, South Cotabato; two roads costing P2 million each in Marabut town, Samar; a P1-million farm-to-market road in Barangay Batuan, San Enrique, Negros Occidental; and a P5-million road in Polangui, Albay.




  1. Medical stuff probably went to the mountains and the npa medics… military has reported the abundance of medical supply in some of npa encampments

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