JoMa Sison: The Quintessential Pinoy Marxist Hypocrite

Yes, the leader and co-founder of the CPP-NPA, a Maoist-Leninist terrorist group in the Philippines, is nothing but a demagoging  hypocrite Marxist who’s living a bourgeois lifestyle in the more capitalistic, economically freer Netherlands.

I created the following “Jose Maria Sison hypocrite” memes and posted them on Facebook:


Sison suggests he’s the only truest, most genuine follower of Karl Marx by denouncing other Marxist demagogues who might steal his thunder as “SocDems” or social democrats, “Trotskyists” and “Marxist hirelings”.


JoMa versus South Korean Marxist Oh Kil-nam. Although the latter is a classic useful idiot, he’s more principled than pinoy Marxist hypocrite Sison.




  1. the part where killed million of citizen by the soviet russia…… sir its armed revolution wht do you expect….

    1. >killed 50 million of its civilians in Gulag camps
      >killed tge royal family

      Ughhh red commies are the cancer

  2. You bunch of Crapitalshits will all be in hell. Selfish pieces of dust had spread out by Satan you’re shit creator just like how you’re corrupted way of rule exists until now. Greed of power and world domination ambition. You’ll be crushed soon bullshit brainwashed crapitalshits!

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