Commie Trash-Talker van Beersum and JoMa Sison are Revolutionary Comrades


In his widely shared ‘open letter” posted on Facebook, Thomas van Beersum, a Dutch communist, described himself as a “foreign protester who was actively denouncing” police violence against SONA protesters.

Is Mr. van Beersum a “foreign protester”, a CPP-NPA operative, or a communist sympathizer? Remember that the Philippine government is still technically at war with the communist rebels led by Jose Maria Sison.

As a so-called “foreign protester”, this Dutch subject doesn’t have any right at all to protest in the Philippine since he’s not a Filipino citizen. But if he’s an NPA operative sent by Mr. Sison and his comrades in the Netherlands, then he and his fellow “delegates” must be duly investigated by the Philippine authority for possible ties with the communist rebels.

He claimed that a number of protesters were injured, and at least two, who he described as “senior citizens”, had “head wounds and contusions”.

“They were attacked simply because they exercised their constitutional right to assemble and protest,” he said.

I say, that’s a typical communist propaganda tactic. Everybody knows that the police were ordered to observe ‘maximum tolerance’ in dealing with protesters. Also, the militant protesters were given designated protest areas. It was part of the communist rules for radicals to create a crisis and instigate violence, which they would then blame on the police. 

Both sides had to observe the rules. It was not in the interest of the police to start violence. And President Noynoy Aquino had to preserve his pro-poor, pro-tolerance image. In fact, by instructing the police to observe maximum tolerance, the President placed them under threat and uncertain position.

Thomas van Beersum in Nepal. Seems this communist agitator and propagandist is spreading the revolution...  His job description: Communist propagandist.
Thomas van Beersum in Nepal. Seems this communist agitator and propagandist is spreading the revolution… His job description: Communist propagandist.

Van Beersum said he came to the Philippines “as part of an International Solidarity Mission and as a delegate of the International Conference on Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines.”

Observe the Orwellian terms used: “solidarity mission”, “human rights” and “peace”.

Also, observe how he also parroted the Filipino communists’ talking points:

“I am tired of the extrajudicial killings, the illegal arrests, the forced demolitions, the land-grabbings, the puppetry to US-imperialism, tired of all the oppression and exploitation of the workers, farmers, students, women, indigenous, urban poor, LGBTs, and all other oppressed groups. I have integrated here in the Philippines with many different sectors to directly see the effects of the basic problems that the Filipino people face. I personally knew people like Willem Geertman, a Dutch community worker who moved to the Philippines, who was brutally murdered by this regime last July 3, 2012. Many of the protesters have many experiences with family members, friends, and acquaintances who have been murdered or tortured by this regime. They had every reason to demonstrate against the Aquino government.”

To Mr. van Beersum: The Filipinos are against extra-judicial killings by our government. Our laws and legal system do not condone such government abuses and crimes. The solution is to enforce the laws, not communism.


Perhaps this communist agitator is not aware of the fact that the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed-wing National People’s Army also committed atrocious mass murders in the past. Ever heard of the tragic Digos massacre perpetrated by the communists over two decades ago? Communist mass graves had been discovered in the past. I believe there are still more undiscovered communist mass graves in the countryside. In my hometown in Ilocos Sur, communist neophytes executed civilians for petty crimes like neighborhood disputes, alleged land-grabbing, etc.

According to his Facebook account, van Beersum lives in Utrecht, a Dutch city where CPP-NPA leader Jose Maria Sison also resides as a “political refugee”.

This blog reveals van Beersum once interviewed Sison for “a school project”. The interview is about “the Filipino struggle, the Soviet Union and Maoism.”

Also, this link shows that he took photos for International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS), a communist group that features Sison and many other communist leaders.

No, Mr. van Beersum, communism is not about human rights. And if our goal is to fight against tyranny and promote individual rights, the solution is definitely NOT your collectivist, absolute state-control system; the solution is limited government and individual-rights-respecting Republican system.

  • His Facebook posts

Mr. van Beersum posted the following notes and articles on Facebook, which is a product of what he calls ‘capitalist greed’, using, perhaps, his laptop or hand-held device, another product of ‘capitalist greed’ or ‘profiteering’. His Facebook activities somehow reveal his Marxist dogma, motivations and beliefs.



  • He rejects China’s “market socialism”, which means that like JoMa Sison, he despises “revisionism”. China under Deng Xiaoping beyrayed Mao Tse Tung’s communist revolution by adopting what Deng called “second revolution”. Under Deng’s reign, China gradually embraced free market reforms and allowed foreign investors. In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization and thus strengthened its foreign investment and private property laws. In fact, China rejects imminent domain and protects Chinese individuals’ right to private property. This means that the government and private developers and mall-builders cannot simply force Chinese home-owners to sell their lands and houses.


  • Thomas ven Beersum posted: “The overwhelming majority of the Filipino people suffer from the chronic problems of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. “ Same old communist lie. I dealt with Filipino hard-core communists in the past and challenged them to prove their “RP-US regime” charge. Here’s how they poorly, hilariously responded. I’m not really surprised, as he obviously doesn’t know anything about Philippine history and politics.

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