An Open Letter to Thomas van Beersum

Thomas van Beersum lashing out at police officer Joselito Sevilla. Photo by Rem Zamora

Dear Mr. van Beersum,

I know you’re a die-hard communist. You have spent years in the streets of your own country, the Netherlands, fighting for a Marxist utopia that rejects property rights, economic freedom, individual liberty and individual rights. Like Mao, Lenin and Polpot, you dream of a collectivist society in which equality (of economic results and privileges) is imposed by law or by your supreme Politburo or dictator.

You came to the Philippines to help your Filipino comrades fight for Marxist equality and collective way of life. I sincerely admire your efforts and comradeship.

Over two decades ago, CPP-NPA leader JoMa Sison fled to your country, which is undeniably more capitalistic and has more economic freedom than the Philippines. Like the highly schooled Sison– whose expensive state education was financed by the country’s taxpayers– you believe that the only solution to our poverty and poor economic condition is more government or absolute statism.

You must be wondering why our country is so poor and why millions of Filipinos survive on less than two dollars a day. Well, it’s because the Philippines is more socialistic than your country and its Asian neighbors. We have higher degrees of protectionism, trade restrictions and regulations. And just in case you’re not aware, the Netherlands is richer and more progressive because of its free market policies. Your country, according to Economic Freedom Index, has been ranked 17th freest economy on this planet this year. The Philippines was ranked 97th. Doing Business Index also ranked the Netherlands 31st, which means it is easier to trade and to do business in your country. My country placed 138th in the global ranking.

Unlike millions of Filipinos who can hardly find decent, high-paying jobs, you can afford to fight with your comrades here and lash out at a low-paying police officer because you grew up in an economically freer, more capitalistic society. The truth is, the Philippines is the logical result of some of your communist vision and ideals. We limit foreign trade. We ban foreign professionals. We have the concepts of social justice, economic patrimony and egalitarianism in our Constitution. Now we have a neo-Marxist, environmentalist judicial doctrine called ‘Writ of Kalikasan’. Yes, my country serves as a real-world window to your Marxist utopia.

The only difference between the Netherlands and the Philippines is that your country can afford to pay for your people’s welfare needs because of its still remaining free market policies and a little bit higher degree of economic freedom. You do not excessively limit or restrict foreign investors; we do. You don’t ban foreign professionals (e.g., doctors, nurses, engineers, etc.); we do.

To borrow the words of Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “I don’t find myself in the same luxury as you do. You grew up in freedom, and you can spit on freedom because you don’t know what it is not to have freedom.”

Froi Vincenton

  •  You may also view van Beersum’s open letter to police officer Joselito Sevilla here.

His latest Facebook rant… 



How to Piss Off Pinoy Leftards

The Three Collective Pillars of Marxism

The Left’s New Revolutionary Weapons: Red-Baiting Card and Alinskyism

OPENLETTERHe’s die-hard commie, according to his Facebook account.




This dogmatic communists posted the following notes and articles on Facebook, which is a product of what he calls ‘capitalist greed’, using, perhaps, his laptop or hand-held device, another product of ‘capitalist greed’ or ‘profiteering’. His Facebook activities somehow reveal his Marxist dogma, motivations and beliefs.



  • He rejects China’s “market socialism”, which means that like JoMa Sison, he despises “revisionism”. China under Deng Xiaoping beyrayed Mao Tse Tung’s communist revolution by adopting what Deng called “second revolution”. Under Deng’s reign, China gradually embraced free market reforms and allowed foreign investors. In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization and thus strengthened its foreign investment and private property laws. In fact, China rejects imminent domain and protects Chinese individuals’ right to private property. This means that the government and private developers and mall-builders cannot simply force Chinese home-owners to sell their lands and houses.


  • Thomas ven Beersum posted: “The overwhelming majority of the Filipino people suffer from the chronic problems of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. “ Same old communist lie. I dealt with Filipino hard-core communists in the past and challenged them to prove their “RP-US regime” charge. Here’s how they poorly, hilariously responded. I’m not really surprised, as he obviously doesn’t know anything about Philippine history and politics.

My personal opinion of Mr. van Beersum’s letter to police enforcer Sevilla? He’s a dyed-in-the-wool communist who’s trained as a propagandist. He will say and do everything to push, hard-sell his ideological, Marxist agenda.

Why can’t the leftists or communists air their grievances without using force and violence? Perhaps it’s because of the violent nature of their ideology.

Who started the violence? Photos don’t lie, comrades!

Photo credit: GMA Network
Photo credit: GMA Network



  1. Kudos, what a well written and thought-provoking article. Thank you for doing that amount of research and being able to inform us properly. How interesting that Van Beersum’s open letter on FB garnered 1k likes and 2k+ comments! Your post deserves way more credit and publicity.

  2. Just looking at his picture makes my blood burn that i would kill somebody who would bother me right now. deport that faggot and blacklist his marxist ass. He’s good for nothing in our country. Just you wait and see after 10 years in the Phiilippines and look at yourself if your Marxist ideology would give you something good!

  3. Never a productive day in his life. Professional revolutionary with his air fare paid out of the benefits coughed up by the Dutch tax payers.

    There is word for it: parasite.

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