Propaganda Minister Carandang is Proud More Pinoys are on the Dole

Secretary Ricky “Joseph Goebbels” Carandang is proud that more Filipino are on the dole or welfare.

A good question by Jessica Soho: “Are you really proud of that? Those (conditional cash transfers) are dole-outs!”

Yet the leftists want more dole-outs and they reject any attempt to open this country to foreign investors.

Former Rep. Mitos Magsaysay criticized the Aquino regime’s band-aid solution, saying cannot guarantee long-term benefits. 

The propaganda minister seemed too delighted and proud to announce that under his boss’s term, more people are on welfare, which means more millions of welfare recipients are being subsidized by the country’s middle class. If this is what makes Carandang proud, then we’re indeed doomed. His statement that the government’s welfare programs now cover a bigger portion of the population is an expressed admission that poverty levels upped under the Aquino regime.

Despite the most touted 7.8 GDP, unemployment rose to a three-year high, as jobless rate rose to 7.5% in April, the highest since April 2010, exports fell, and foreign direct investment was negative in March.

By the way, Sec. Goebbels, the government has no capacity at all to create long-term, real jobs. Street sweepers, puwede siguro.

He said: “CCT is not a dole-out.” This guy is indeed a propaganda minister.

What is it then?

Indeed, Carandang merely confirms the fact that his boss, Noynoy Aquino, is a dole-out king.

Here’s an excerpt of Pres. Aquino’s fourth State of the Nation Address:

There is no shortage of Filipinos who are ready to pitch in, and this is the source of the change we now experience. The strategy—maximize opportunities for all, especially for those most in need. We are not content to wait for the trickle-down effect; we cannot leave their fate—their receiving the benefits of progress—to chance. What we call inclusive growth—this all-encompassing progress—is the principle that drives every initiative, every action, and every decision of your government. The only ones who will be left behind are those who chose not to venture onwards with us, simply because they did not seize the opportunity.

The basis for this principle: Widespread opportunity is the key to comprehensive and sustained progress. Let us not forget that these opportunities are but seeds. We must water them with diligence, nourish them with determination, and cultivate them with dedication. Let us take a look at our TESDA-DOLE scholars. Of the 503,521 people who have graduated from their programs, an estimated six out of ten have found jobs. Before this, according to studies conducted by DBM, from 2006 to 2008, only 28.5 percent of TESDA graduates found jobs. Last year, under TESDA’s IT-BPO program, 70.9 percent of the graduates found employment. Under the electronics and semiconductor program, the percentage of employed graduates reached 85 percent. It is clear: You are the ones who will shape this growth, you are the ones who will determine whether the fruits of our labors become sweet and ripe for the picking, or if you will let them rot away and waste the chances that this new chapter in our history has given us.

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How the Government’s Keynesian Stimulus Spending Conceals the Real State of PH Economy

However, less than a week after all the great fanfare regarding the country’s growth, the laws of reality and economics hit the entire country with the following solid economic facts: unemployment rose to a three-year high, as jobless rate rose to 7.5% in April, the highest since April 2010, exports fell, and foreign direct investment was negative in March.

This now leaves us with the following multi-billion dollar question: Does statistics-driven growth equal real progress?

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