Facebook Experiment: How Some Facebookers Reacted to My ‘Zimmerman-Race’ Diatribe

A photo from the far-left The Guardian
A photo from the far-left The Guardian

I conducted a very simple social experiment on Facebook to know how some users would react to my personal evaluation of the Zimmerman-Martin-plus-racism issue.

As we all know by now, George Zimmerman, the Florida man who was accused of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was acquitted of all charges by a six-women jury. According to Florida criminal law, Zimmerman had the right to self-defense and was justified in killing his teenager black assailant.

However, the focus of my Facebook experiment is not on the Zimmerman verdict or the legal issues and ramifications of the controversial case. Although I’m aware that a lot of Americans, especially blacks, Hollywood celebrities and liberal media pundits, expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the jury’s decision, I believe that what these protesting white liberals and race-baiters need to do is either study the Florida law or shut up. As an experienced Florida trial lawyer said: “Stop letting the world know how ignorant you are. If you don’t know criminal law or procedure, shut up. Ask someone before you display your stupidity to the world.”

So, the Chris Rocks, Michael Moores, Al Sharptons, Nicki Minajs, Jammie Foxxes, and Black Panthers of the world need to give us some favor and shut the fuck up!

The experiment

This social media experiment involves using a witty yet direct statement– more like a banter– to elicit honest, natural, forthright reactions from unsuspecting Facebook members (the experiment’s participants). Its purpose is not just to understand the candid reaction or attitude of the participants, but also to know their ideological/political worldview and thought process.

To better understand the participants’ behavior and perception, I also studied– and included in this blog– their profiles and social network activities (e.g., what they post, the pages they like, statuses, etc.)

To ensure this experiment’s objectivity, I chose a neutral, non-political, non-partisan Facebook group– INTJ (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment). It has over 7,300 members as of July 15. Members of this group self-identified themselves as having introverted intuitive thinking and judging. I believe this is the perfect place to conduct the experiment, as I also wanted to know whether self-described INTJs are indeed intuitive, tolerant and perceptive.

The bait

The statement– or bait– had to be direct, catchy and thought-provoking, so I decided to give it some shock value. This is to induce some opinionated, active-minded Facebook members to join the discussion and post their comments.

The statement I posted on the INTJ group is as follows:

The Zimmerman verdict issue in America makes me think many Black people are RACIST and feel entitled to everything. Thank god I am Asian and I feel more of a minority than Black RACISTS. But despite being an individual of color, I don’t think I am entitled to exploit, use or benefit from my skin color the way Obama, Elizabeth Warren and many colored Democrats did…

Explanation: That there are some– or many (depending on your personal observation)– Black racists or black people who are too race-obsessed in the United States is now known to almost everybody. In fact there’s this recent survey that reveals more Americans view blacks as racist than white people and Hispanics. The main statement pertains mainly to black people because I wanted to link it to the controversial and just-decided Zimmerman case.

Also, I had to mention the fact that I am an Asian– a Filipino– to prevent some race-baiting members from either pulling the race card or exposing their “white guilt” and liberal biases. My hypothesis is that this might induce some participants to tone down their comments. By clearly telling the reader that I am a brown-skinned Asian, as if I was making an important caveat that states: “Don’t you dare pull the race card, I can exploit mine, too!”

The reactions

Within a few minutes after posting the “bait”, a few members posted their comments. At least two of the first participants reacted negatively.

One participant (Lenore) asked whether I “joined a type group to say THAT”. She also told me to “Get a life.”

What Lenore is trying to say is that it is improper to post such a political statement on a neutral group. Based on her Facebook timeline, Lenore appears to be liberal-leaning or a democrat, as she posted anti-Republican and anti-NRA blog links and memes.

The second participant (Sylvia) cautioned me not to generalize. She said: “Vincent for you to generalize black people like you just did makes you sound prejudice. Not all of us are the same just like not All Asians are the same.”

Sylvia’s Facebook profile and timeline did not provide much information about her political affiliation and worldview.

Here’s my reply to her comment:

I did not generalize. I said “many black people”. Come to think of it. Black leaders like Al Sharpton and others have been claiming the issue is all about race and that non-white, Hispanic Zimmerman killed Treyvon because of his skin color.

Do Asians have racist leaders in USA?

I’ve seen tweets and posts on social media from black people threatening murder, violence and crimes.

Come to think of it, what if in the future you, WHITE PEOPLE, had an unfortunate encounter with a black person the way Zimmerman did? Your life would be ruined just because some black leaders claim you’re a racist.

If that’s the case, Asians and Hispanics should do the same thing, too. Let’s exploit our own race and see who’s gonna win.



Sylvia, who engaged me in a discussion, tried to confront me by arguing it’s improper to “generalize” and to focus only on black people.

She asked:  “How many blacks do you know? Not enough to make claims saying a lot. Yes you are generalizing.” 

Obviously, she was obviously negatively affected or offended by my post. That was a good sign.

I replied: “Well, tune in to MSNBC and watch how Sharpton, Toure, including RACIST black panthers exploit their blackness. Thiis Zimmerman issue is the BEST PROOF I can give.”

I also said: “I don’t believe in “race theory”. That’s why I posted this. I hate people of color who try to exploit their race for some benefits or to destroy others, especially white people.”

Here’s Sylvia’s reply: “And I hate people who make false assumptions about people based solely on race. And bigots come in all races so why are you so obsessed with only black people being racist as opposed to all other races? You don’t see your own prejudices but you can see others clearly?”

My reply: “It’s because I only focused on the Zimmerman issue. Want me to focus on all races?”

A new participant, Victor Chavez, joined the discussion. He said: “have you realised that there may actually be more ‘white supremacists’ than ‘black racists’ and that the existence/behaviour of the former may have triggered a corresponding reaction from the latter?”

My reply: “I haven’t met one. But I met more Filipino supremacists…”

Victor Chavez: “Well me neither, but there’s plenty of evidence online about their thinking and, yup, hatred to pretty much everyone who doesn’t share their race. Very disturbing, heavy stuff let me tell you.”

Sylvia finally wrapped up her comment: “I do know that there re people in all races who choose to hate based on race. You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. If someone wants to hate me for no good reason that’s on them. I’m not losing no sleep over it. Racist people are irrational I know some ppl in my race are though I would never deny that.”

A new participant named William Denis entered the discussion without reading the previous exchanges. He called me “hypocrite”. He said: ” from what I have gathered from your argument is that you’re a hypocrite. You’re playing the card you’re having such an issue with. Seems rather illogical to me.”

I replied: “show me the hypocrisy in my posts. Did you read them?”

He obviously missed this one: ”

Racism is only practiced by the irrational. But you can’t solve racism by exploiting your skin color to the disadvantage of people of other races. What if other ethnic groups did the same thing?

I was thinking, what if the Hispanics rallied behind Zimmerman? There would have been real racial divide in USA.

The Zimmerman issue is not about racism and those who are trying to make it so are the real racist.

I must add: WHITE GUILT kills. First, it encourages people of color to exploit reverse racism… and then it will hit you (the white man/woman) hard in the head being its appeasing, willing victim.

William Denis later on apologized: “I retract the hypocrite statement actually, I misread your argument. I apologize. I see what you’re saying I know black people who have played the race card on me being a white male I automatically looked like the villain.”

Other members joined the discussion:


Christa, a new participant, agreed with the statement and shared her opinion:

“My INTJ husband brought this subject up last night, as a matter of fact…and I agree… a lot of the people who claim to be a target of racism are the MOST racist people I have ever met. I live in a city where white people are looked at as the devil and if any show any opinion on this matter, they are instantly labeled KKK or close-minded and hateful…while other races can openly profess “brown-pride” (Mexican, Native Americans, etc…) or Black pride…. I don’t know where I am going with this, but do know that what you speak of is a legitimate and absolutely true problem here in America. Each race keeps themselves in their own history…instead of progressing and rising up, fingers are constantly being pointed all the while hateful judgements spread and multiply…. The media, music industry and the news do not help this situation whatsoever.”

Then there’s Darryl Jones who tried to hammer me down with his flurry of questions. Based on his timeline and profile, Darryl Jones works as a “security specialist at the U.S. State Department”. He previously posted on his timeline articles from far-left site Mother Jones and Huffington Post, a liberal online site.

My conversation with him:


Yes, Liz Warren is part Cherokee according only to her. Hilarious! She’s one of the proof that most liberals are indeed race-baiters and race-card holders. I find Darryl’s strong defense of Liz Warren suspicious. Many liberals love and admire this Fake-cahontas from Massachusetts.

Since Darryl Jones challenged me to define racism, I posted the following statement:

Let’s use the standard definitions then.

From Dictionary.com:

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.


Now here’s how some liberal pundits like Chris Matthews who distort racism’s standard dictionary definition.

First, they imply– or even categorically state– that only white people can be racist. Well, that’s a good idea! I am an Asian and that means I can take advantage of that definitional distortion of racism. I can use criminal laws against white people; I can use white guilt to empower myself as an Asian; and I can destroy Chris Matthews, too.

Second, their their dangerous conception of racism implies people of other color or non-whites are genetically inferior or weak and that they must be legally or socially protected against whites.

Now, Darryl Jones, have you seen video clips or footages of the Black Panthers? There are Black supremacists, too. These dangerous ideas are ideologically buttressed or empowered by certain race theories like the Critical Race Theory conceptualized by a Harvard professor named Derrick Bell.

Instead of responding, this guy began asking me to identify some people’s color.

Darryl Jones said: “So, what color was Richard Aoki an early member of the “Black Panthers”? If the panthers felt superior over all other races, why would Asians join?”

My reply:

Darryl Jones, well, you simply proved my point. What’s the purpose of forming racial organizations and pit one’s group against other groups? I am not familiar with the case you mentioned, but that simply proves one thing: whitish people or slightly white are not accepted or regarded as their racial enemy. What’s the point of forming racial groups? One possible theory is that they feel superior, which is a by-product of their irrational understanding of things. Second, they still want to sustain politics of victimhood and believe that white people today are guilty of the crimes or racism of their ancestors… It doesn’t matter if your ancestor was a slave driver or helped free slaves.”

After several minutes of silence, Darryl Jones gave his final statement: “Vincenton, nice comment hi-jack earlier. You responded that I made your point, which I didn’t. I think people like you and Sharpton throw the words race, racism, racist for shock value and attention and you have lost mine. Keep your hands inside the car and enjoy the ride.”

Nice try. I should have thanked him for proving my point. I merely said: “I feel you’re offended by my replies to your post. Kindly explain why.”

Indeed, it’s impossible to reason with someone who has renounced the use of logic and reason.

Now enter Leanne Thomas who described herself as “black and not American.”

She said: “I’m black and NOT American- or racist for that matter…I think you should replace “black” with “African American”, and change “most” to a more suitable word/phrase like, “some”, “a lot” or “many”, to sound a little less ignorant/prejudiced…use of the word “they” sounds like you are lumping every black person into one group; that too can come off as racist…You see what I did there?- In a way, I disproved your point “(they [black people] imply/categorically state that only white people can be racist”), as I implied you were- well at least ‘slightly’.”

I should have replaced the term “black” with “African American”? Hmmm… Let’s see.

In reply to her opening statement, I said:

“I am not politically correct. I don’t think I am responsible for what you think or feel about the terms I used. We need descriptors for clarity and proper understanding of issues and people discussed or mentioned. That’s why I used “people of color”.

But what the heck is African-American? What about those living in Africa who are white or who are “black” but not Americans?

Here’s Leanne Thomas‘s reply:

“And well Vincenton your use of the word “black” just shows how ignorant you are, as there are millions- if not, billions- of other “black” people in the world, and I for one do not want to be lumped into a group of people just because I share the same skin colour as them, and because people like you don’t want to make the distinction because you “don’t fee responsible” (don’t care) about what others feel. I also said, “African American” because I am well aware of the fact that black people from the US want to be called so…”

According to this woman I am “ignorant” for using the term “black” and I should have used “African American” to refer to people like Oprah, U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Perhaps these famous people are also “ignorant” for using the term in the past.

Here’s my reply:

Why do you think it’s ignorant to use that term? Who declared the right and proper term? Did the black people conduct public polls? Did the order come from god? Did governments make laws to prohibit the use of that term.

What you are showing is your own PREJUDICE. My mind is innocent and I never thought the use of that word– which is also used by many black people– is uncalled for or should be banned or prohibited.

Leanne Thomas: “Point out to me one bit of what I wrote that fits the description of, “prejudice”…Google the definition.”

She seemed to have some reading comprehension problem.

I simply replied:

May I remind you that if you attempt to use the race card against me, feel free to do so.

I am a Filipino and I can claim I am more of a minority than your alleged “RACE”. This is what I am talking about here.

You want to make us feel you, guys, are SPECIAL AND UNTOUCHABLES, etc? Do so!!!

My conversation with Leanne:




Here’s my honest advice: Don’t let anyone exploit or use his/her own race, ethnicity or economic status to put you down and make you feel guilty. Since this woman is trying to pin and hammer me down for using the term “black”, I simply used her own logic and thought process against her. How can she criticize a brown-skinned Asian  and minority for using the term “black”? She must be a racist, too! That’s how one (especially one who is a person of color or a minority) should deal with a race-baiter or race-card holder.

Leanne Thomas admitted she’s offended by the word “black”. I don’t give a damn. I didn’t even know that word is considered offensive by some uber-sensitive, politically incorrect people these days.

The continuation of the conversation:


I observed that this woman simply wanted to capitalize on taking offense for my use of the word “black”.

This time she’s trying to retract her earlier rant about me being “ignorant” for calling some group of people “black”.


Suddenly Leanne Thomas began to sing a different tune. She’s now telling me she didn’t say the “word black itself is wrong”.

But what’s exactly was she trying to say?


Other commenters…


Ergo, the only way to deal  with ‘white-guilt’ liberals, race-card holders and race-baiters is to use their own logic, style and thought process against them.


Teddy Locsin’s Anti-White Bigotry



Thank goodness there's one black rapper who makes sense!
Thank goodness there’s one black rapper who makes sense!
As usual a violent protest
As usual a violent protest
This is how the racial leaders unleashed their race-card holding, race-baiting mob
This is how the racial leaders unleashed their race-card holding, race-baiting mob

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