How to Piss Off Pinoy Leftards

Answer: Tell them the truth.

If ignorance is bliss socialists must be so stupidly happy.

If ignorance is bliss socialists must be so stupidly happy.

Whether you like it or not, there’s one particular group of people that is averse or allergic to the truth and they’re the communists or leftists. They hate facts. The truth is their main enemy.

Such is the nature of the leftists who have been heavily programmed or brainwashed to reject the truth as propaganda, facts as mere opinions, evidence as manufactured lies, logic as not independent of content, and reason as a bourgeoisie conception. They are intolerant to alternative or opposing views, as they righteously believe that their system is for the good of everybody.

Here’s my policy when dealing with dishonest, propaganda-trained leftists: stop being nice and expose them for what they are. 

Don’t be surprised to find that most, if not all, leftists are violent. Violence or aggression is part of their behavior and mindset, and this can be attributed to the violent nature of their ideology. What else can you you expect from a group of ideological dogmatists who fanatically believe that the only way to change a system, or to fundamentally transform a society, is through bloody revolution? This is the reason leftists are into violent, bloody protests.

Make no mistake, protests or public demonstrations are a necessary exercise of our right to air our grievances against government abuses and corruption, but the problem is the leftists have turned them into a weapon of deception to further advance their political agenda. Now what did I do that piss off some obviously brainwashed or feeble-minded leftists?

I simply posted the following note on this Facebook group:

In the Philippines, there’s this highly fallacious, error-filled mentality that leftist activists are intelligent or smart just because they’re critical of things. This is why we see young activists or tibak joining public protests to criticize government corruption, excesses, and failure of public officials to give what they want.

The truth is, these creatures are not smart. They don’t have sense of individuality. They’re merely parroting the propaganda and gospels of their elders. They stage public protests not because they’re concerned of the poor, but mainly because they want to turn this society into a Maoist/NoKorish slave pen. Their system seeks to confiscate all property, control the lives of all citizens, centrally plan the economy, and to put all government authority under the rule of either a dictator or an elite ruling class of diploma-toting morons and ignoramuses. The Marxists organize and stage public demonstrations, as part of their ideological subversion process–

  • To manufacture crisis and dissent. Their style is to exploit a legitimate crisis (e.g., government corruption, abuse of power, etc.) to advance their political agenda.
  • To further expand their grassroots base (the useful idiots). Remember that the Communist Party has a military wing, which is the NPA. Although factions exist within the Party (because of the power-hungry nature of most leftists), it also has supporters and financiers in Congress.
  • To legitimize their political struggle. The Marxists think of themselves as political combatants and not just ordinary citizens. This is why they have no problem at all killing not only military people, but ordinary citizens or civilians as well. That whenever they kill innocent civilians in an ambush, for example, their only possible response is: “SORRY.” These people are criminals and they must be treated and dealt with as such!
  • To recruit young people. Their strategy is to exploit legitimate problems. Their solution to these problems is Bigger Government or Socialism.

Many students from UP, PUP and other schools are vulnerable to leftist indoctrination and brain-washing because the liberal arts departments of these institutions are controlled and dominated by leftist/Marxist professors and department heads. These Marxist pseudo-intellectuals from UP, PUP and other schools understand the power of “education” or schooling in molding– or crippling– the minds of young men and women. That Marxism usually appeals to very young people proves that this evil ideology is only for the infantile mind. If many young people were only intelligent or taught proper and right ideas, they would reject socialism or any form of statism.

  • My post was accompanied by this excellent video commentary by Pat Condell:


How did the leftists respond? As expected, some Filipino leftists gave their usual rebuttals when confronted with the solid truth:

  • “It’s just a capitalist, US propaganda”
  • “Red-tagging” or “red-baiting”
  • Epic failure trolling
  • Their usual “US imperialist crimes”
  • Linking of anti-US blogs and articles

First salvo… Plain denial and trolling. photo1 Second salvo… The dropping of the “red-tagging” or “red-baiting” Marxist bomb. photo12 Third salvo… The appeal to leftist innocence and bringing up of McCarthy tactic.  photo3 Fourth salvo… Their trying to capitalize on the McCarthy blood-libel. They even claimed McCarthy did worse than Mao who killed over 30 million people during peacetime, according to impartial researchers.  photo4 Meanwhile, here’s another encounter with the leftists led by Rey Refran, a capitalist-hating Filipino commie who’s using Facebook and social media via his computer or handheld devices manufactured by capitalists to promote socialism and to bash or even threaten those who disagree with him. This Rey Refran posted a propaganda Facebook note in which he used the term US-Aquino regime. Employing the Alinsky method, this commie propagandist was claiming the Philippine government is a puppet of– or still being controlled by– the US government. This is actually one of the oldest charges being used by the CPP-NPA to sustain the manufactured lie or perception that the so-called imperial America is dictating our politics and in control of our lives and resources. So, I challenged Refran to prove his claim. photo5 Rey Refran‘s answer? As usual, red-baiting and red-tagging, whatever these terms mean. photo6 Other hilarious responses: 1   2    3

Here’s another clueless commie named Plaridel Inkana who’s not just a hypocrite but a potential diploma-toting moron as well.


He doesn’t even bother to argue his case. A typical dogmatic Marxist who claims he’s working for Halliburton. A hard-core America-hating commie working for Halliburton? Now that’s absolutely hilarious and hypocritical!

The climax… COMMIE

[ Click the image to enlarge]

About two years ago, Rey Refran messaged me on Facebook. Here’s what he said: threat

The face of hypocritical Marxist, America-hating immigrant… Click the image to enlarge.


Why brain-dead commies are hypocrites




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