Time Mag: It is Safer to Attack Buddhism Than Islamic Terrorism

Time Magazine sees Buddhism as more radical than Islam
Time Magazine sees Buddhism as more radical than Islam

The quintessence of mainstream media Dhimmitude Time Magazine, one of America’s most liberal media, did it again. This time by directly implying Buddhism in Asia is more dangerous, more murderous than political, intolerant Islam.

Here’s an excerpt of Time’s July 1 anti-Buddhism attack written by liberal propagandist Hannah Beech:

It’s a faith famous for its pacifism and tolerance. But in several of Asia’s Buddhist-majority nations, monks are inciting bigotry and violence — mostly against Muslims

 His face as still and serene as a statue’s, the Buddhist monk who has taken the title “the Burmese bin Laden” begins his sermon. Hundreds of worshippers sit before him, palms pressed together, sweat trickling silently down their sticky backs. On cue, the crowd chants with the man in burgundy robes, the mantras drifting through the sultry air of a temple in Mandalay, Burma’s second biggest city after Rangoon.

Okay. I’m an atheist and I believe that religion is anti-reason and can destroy the human mind, but to compare Buddhism with Islam, I think this is unthinkable. It’s like comparing water with fire.

The question is: Which religion has a long history of conquest, provocation, supremacism, and intolerance? Also, which religion is just fighting back and trying to defend itself? Which intolerant religion has a culture or doctrine of lying, propaganda and deception called Al-Taqiyya?

Which radical religion has its own military infrastructure and apparatus? Which bigoted, power-hungry religion is supported, financed, sponsored by dictatorships and theocracies?

I absolutely see no moral equivalence here. I believe that one radical, intolerant religion has been for centuries engaging in acts of terror and conquests, while the other religion is in self-defense mode. Buddhism is just fighting back!

FrontPage Magazine just posted its spot-on observation:

Can you imagine Time doing a cover on “The Face of Muslim Terror”? No, that would be “bigoted”. Every other religion, even the Buddhists, who were, until recently, the favorite pacifists of liberals, can have faces of terror. But saying the same of Islam would just be Islamophobic.

The media has long since exceeded Orwell’s wildest imaginings. News coverage has nothing to do with reality. Instead it is a deliberate inversion of reality in which the murderers are the heroes and the greatest threat comes from their victims.

The bad guys are the good guys. The good guys are the bad guys. The slavery of Islam is freedom. The freedom of America and Israel is slavery because it has to be defended against the slavery of Islam

Indeed, to the liberal media like Time Magazine– war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.


  • The Buddhists fought back! A parody of the original Time cover criticising the news magazine circulated online among Wirathu supporters:

  • A global call to boycott Time Magazine. 

A Facebook page condemning Time’s propaganda was created: We Boycott Time magazine for their choice of Wirathu as “Buddhist Terror”

Here’s the page’s description:

 We Boycott Time magazine for their choice of Myanmar Monk Wirathu as The Face of Buddhist Terror.

This page is not for Anti-Gov
this page is not for anti- Daw Aung San Su Kyi ( anti – NLD)
We do not insult any other religion.
This page is NOT for Political campaign.




  1. Hannah Beech is a sack of shit dressed up to pretend she is human. We hate her in Canada every bit as much as they hate her in Myanmar.

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