Absolutely Hilarious: State-Funded Think Tank’s CCT Study


A government-funded research propaganda ministry masquerading as a scientific think tank called the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) produced a highly laughable policy paper disguised as a serious study.

But why the heck the government needs to waste taxpayers’ money on such a stupid study? Just asking…

The so-called PIDS study conducted by Dr. Celia Reyes shockingly (!) finds that the Aquino government’s anti-poverty Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program will not help millions of poor Filipinos out of poverty due to its limited scope.

Budget increase and coverage expansion can’t do anything  to boost President Noynoy Aquino’s favorite pet project,  also known as the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or the 4Ps, the study said. The multi-billion peso program was intended to benefit poor families with children aged up to 14 years old by providing them cash of up to P1,400 monthly. 

“If you look at the current design, it is not going to promote the beneficiary children to get good jobs when they enter the labor force,” Reyes said during a presentation of her study.

Really? Good to know.

Here’s a report from ABS-CBN:

According to the study, the 4Ps program does not influence the school participation rate of children aged beyond the program’s coverage. This means that poor youths above 14 either do not attend school as often or drop out, with reasons ranging from lack of personal interest to the need to work.

The study also states that the program’s maximum support period of 5 years won’t allow children aged 6 at the time their families began to receive the benefit to finish grade school.

Based on Reyes’s research, the average daily wage of a person who finished high school is 40 percent higher than that of someone who finished a few years in elementary. The average wage of an elementary graduate, meanwhile, is 18 percent higher than that of someone who wasn’t able to go to school at all.

That’s is not really surprising because a number of militant groups and leftist party-list organizations previously criticized CCT as a mere “band-aid solution.

For example, far-left party-list politician Teddy Casino described CCT as a “failure” because “it does not address the basic demand of majority of Filipinos and that low prices and stable jobs with decent wages.”

Again, that’s absolutely not shocking at all knowing that when far-left ideologues criticize a welfare program for being deficient, what they actually want is more tax-funded freebies and higher coverage. But since they’re merely part of our mixed economy– not yet a socialist one– all they can do is support and push for radical socialist programs and policies. That’s all they can do since we’re not yet a Maoist or NoKorish utopia. But mind you, they absolutely want us to go in that direction.

So, how can the PIDS, which has long been infested with left-leaning and even far-left ideologues and so-called intellectuals, make P-Noy’s 4Ps more effective?

“If we want 4Ps to become more effective, it shouldn’t stop at supporting at the elementary level,” Reyes said. “If you really want to break that intergenerational cycle of poverty, you have to make sure than when the child enters the labor force, he or she will have a decent wage that will enable him or her to move out of poverty.”


What about her recommendation? Or, where’s her punchline?

The PIDS researcher recommends that the government should focus on “deepening” the assistance instead of expanding the CCT coverage, as the administration plans to add more beneficiaries from the current 3.9 million to more than 4 million families by the 2016 or before Pres. Aquino’s term expires.

In other words, Reyes wants a higher level of welfare state or CCT coverage. That’s exactly what the leftists are itching for. Wait! They’re allies, right?

The question is, can the government afford it? Can it continue to expand its welfare programs and coverage while ignoring the real state of our economy as well as the real solutions to our economic problems?

Last time I checked, the people need jobs, not more freebies and alms! And last time I checked, the laws of economics and reality dictate that the government has no power at all to magically create ‘sustainable’, long-term, economically beneficial jobs. All it can do to support job creation and economic growth is free and open the economy to the outside world.

This is what China’s Deng Xiaoping and Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew did.

To finance the CCT, RH law and other welfare programs, the government needs to borrow money, increase its tax collection, or defund or abolish unproductive and/or redundant government offices or bureaus. As to the last option, it may start with PIDS.


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