Teddy Locsin’s Anti-White Bigotry


I had a very brief Twitter war with Teddy Locsin, a Filipino anti-white bigot and Obama fanatic, who naively believes that American Republicans are racist, while the liberal Democrats who voted for Barack Obama because of his skin color are not.

I tweeted Locsin the following:


The YouTube clip features Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) who explains why he recently switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. He tackles the history of the Republican Party, which was founded as an Abolitionist Movement in 1854. He also talks about how the welfare state is only a mechanism for politicians to control the black community.

Here’s Locsin’s utterly hilarious response:


So, according to this self-described “TV anchor and journalist”, Senator Guillory is “Uncle Tom”, a pejorative moniker usually used by race-baiting American liberals and democrats to describe a typical white slave driver/owner, because he’s a Republican.

I tweeted back:


Here’s a friendly advice to Mr. Locsin: try to learn more about the history of slavery in America. By the way, America did not invent slavery. The whole world descended from slavery. In fact, the Christian bible tells stories of slavery.

Locsin needs to be informed that America’s first slave driver was a black man named Anthony Johnson. He also needs to know the history of the Abolitionist Movement in America and the role of the Republican Party in securing the gradual extinction of slavery by market forces.

But why did I call Locsin an anti-white bigot?

Obviously, Locsin thinks like most stupid, hypocritical white Occupy-tards in the United States. Try to view the video clip below to see what I’m talking about.

Here’s a blog article I published on my old site on Nov. 8 2012, or two days after the midterm elections in the United States.

Also, here’s Locsin’s bigoted anti-white tweet nearly a year ago:


Now, who’s the real racist, Mr. Locsin?

  • NOTE: The following blog article was published on Nov. 8, 2012. 

Here’s one big proof that the Liberal media worked too well in brainwashing the global public and in widening the racial divide.

A Philippine Star columnist named Boo Chanco posted the following on Facebook:

“Teddyboy Locsin’s tweet in reaction to election results which are generally acclaimed except by “Fil-Ams who are always rightwing white supremacist Republicans even if brown and chapat noses”. i have always wondered why Fil-Ams do tend to think they are whites rather than immigrant Asians like the koreans, the chinese and the vietnamese which Fil-Ams tend to look down upon even if these fellow asians are often more successful in school and careers. when i visit and attend Fil-am gatherings i often cringe hearing them talk as if they were donald trump.” *LINK*

It’s actually something that Fil-Am Conservative blogger and New York Time’s bestselling authorMichelle Malkin should see. The man is actually referring to this tweet by Mr. Teddy Locsin.

Mr. Chanco’s Facebook rant is actually worse than mere misinterpretation of facts.

Yes, he’s too clueless, too ill-informed he doesn’t even know he’s actually the one race-baiting or naively playing the race card. The reality is, those who voted for or supported Obama because he’s black are racist. Yet those race-baiting, race-card-toting demagogues, like Mr. Chanco and Teddy Locsin, have the guts to accuse anyone who opposes or criticizes Obama of being “rightwing white supremacists”.

When someone asked Mr. Chanco “Why do you think so”, he simply replied: “extension of colonial mentality, perhaps?”


Perhaps he read too much leftist propaganda books and pamphlets in college.

What the heck is he talking about? If you vote Republican, you have a ‘colonial mentality’, but if you vote Democrat you’re a Filipino? What an utterly stupid double standard! It’s all about Obama’s failed economic measures and foreign policy, STUPID!

Chanco also said: “even pinoys who don’t make good money think like republicans. my immediate family of doctors and lawyers make good money there but vote democrat. not economics. more colonial mentality… maybe a way of sublimating a sense of inferiority complex they brought with them from the homeland.”

Plain liberal/leftist claptrap!

Is he trying to say: if you’re poor, vote Democrat, but if you’re rich, vote Republican?

The argument that ‘if you’re rich you’re a Republican’ and ‘if you’re poor, you’re MUST be a Democrat’ is simply a product of some people’s ideology-based stupidity and intellectual bankruptcy. Filipinos who have this intellectually bankrupt mentality only need to know that Hollywood is dominated by liberals who hate the rich! Isn’t that ironic? Is misogynist comedian Bill Maher,  who donated $1 million to the Obama campaign, poor?Are these famous liberals poor?

Consider this mega-millionaire Roseane Barr (worth $80 million) who said she wanted to “behead” the rich.

Now, let’s focus on Locsin’s hilarious tweet:

Someone tried to remind Mr. Locsin about the long-forgotten history of ‘Democratic’ occupation in the Philippines:

“interestingly, the Prez who emancipated the African Americans was Republican while founders of the Dems silent on slavery.”

Damn right! The founders of racist KKK in the United States were Democrats. Historically, the racist party was the Democratic Party. And don’t ever tell your stupid twitter followers the Republican Party doesn’t have Black, Latino and Asian politicians, demagogue!

Mr. Locsin’s hilarious reply? “That was a long time ago.”

What a very nice way to fool people online.


This is what these demagoging pinoy ideologues do not understand. Both Democratic and Republican parties have contributed to the expansion of Big Government or Welfare State politics in the United States. It’s not about RACE, stupid! And it’s not about which party actually helps the poor. But in terms of HELPING the poor, here’s what most Filipino statists and intellectuals could hardly grasp:

  • The Tea Party-fueled Republican Party believes that HELPING THE POOR can be done by cutting taxes, deregulation and limiting welfare spending to boost the economy. The Tea Party Republicans believe that unsustainable welfare spending, too much regulations, printing money out of thin air and Big Government politics have bankrupted the American economy. What many Filipinos don’t know is that there’s an ongoing battle within the party between hardcore Conservatives and Classical Liberals (e.g., Libertarian Minarchists and Objectivists). While these two clashing factions disagree on certain issues like abortion, they both agree on crucial economic issues like limited government, less government spending, less taxes and free market capitalism.  Also, most Tea Party Republicans oppose giving special tax treatment to the rich! Stop reading too much liberal propaganda. In fact, they support flat tax.
  •  The liberal/leftist-infested Democratic Party believes that HELPING THE POOR can only be done by expanding the Federal Government’s welfare powers, redistribution of wealth, taxing or soaking the rich, and adopting socialistic policies (e.g., more regulations of business, public-private partnership, public education, unemployment benefits, etc.) While a lot of misguided liberals (including Filipino statists, academics and intellectuals) believe that the Democratic Party is pro-poor, the undeniable fact is the Obama administration continued George Bush’s Wall Street bailout and even expanded his interventionist foreign policy, used billions of taxpayers’ money to subsidize green crony companies that went bankrupt (e.g., Solyndra, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, among others), and maintain a good number of cronies who profit from government money. Black Americans and Latinos have also suffered under Mr. Obama’s watch. Even liberal news organizations like Huffington Post reported that black and Latino unemployment rates remain critically high. This simply shows that good intentions or flowery political rhetoric cannot make things happen.

Did the Democrats actually help the poor? Just look at how Democrat Party politics destroyed formerly great cities and territories like Detroit… and now California.

Furthermore, many freedom-loving Classical Liberal Americans have turned to the Republican Party to defeat Obama who’s dead serious about pushing his socialistic, liberal political agenda.


Teddy Boy Locsin: a die-hard Obama fanatic

Here’s Teddy Boy Locsin’s hilarious ode to his idol Barack Hussein Obama. It simply shows why he doesn’t know what he’s blabbing about. It was posted on Nov. 9, 2012.

Mr. Locsin is a typical big media “elite”.

From his poetic Obama love letter that makes me wonder whether he felt Chris Matthews’ ‘leg tingle’ while he was writing it:

“America reelected Barack Obama because after they first elected him he did not look back at what was wrong but forward to what needed to be done. Half of that had already been done by his predecessor; not exactly to his liking; but he did not throw it away and start again. Instead he finished the work begun, taking only the blame upon himself for the price that had to be paid because he was the president and no longer his predecessor. He threw nearly a trillion dollars at a problem he did not create; he threw it at the bankers who had caused the American crisis; and was accused of throwing good money after bad, of not throwing enough money at the problem or not throwing it at the many victims of the crisis rather than at the bankers who had caused it.”


What an utterly clueless media propagandist. The Americans elected him because he’s black, stupid. But we can’t discount the possibility that his admin rigged the 2012 election.

It appears Locsin is totally unaware of the still ongoing Blame-Bush doctrine of the Obama regime.

“He threw nearly a trillion dollars at a problem he did not create”

Oh, yes! I totally agree. And that’s what bankrupted America.

“he threw it at the bankers who had caused the American crisis”

Too clueless. The crisis was caused by Democrats’ housing market crash, which was caused by the Dems’ Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were created by the Dem’s Community Reinvestment Act. In other words, it’s the government’s failed economic policies that caused the crisis, Mr. Locsin.

Why didn’t Locsin include the fact that the Wall Street bankers supported Obama’s candidacy? Why didn’t he include the fact that the Democrats strongly supported Wall Street bailout premised on the “Too Big to Fail” fallacy?

“America reelected Obama because, although he bailed out the banking sector that sunk the American economy, he made sure it could never drill a hole in America’s hull again.”

What an utterly clueless twit. I don’t think Locsin understood every word he typed.

“America reelected Obama because he advanced the equality of women, the dignity of gays and a decent life for the disabled.”

Did he? Didn’t he declare war on women who oppose his agenda?

“He pulled the troops out of the war on terror in the Middle East without leaving them casualties in the war on poverty back home.”

Hilarious! Obama didn’t pull out troops in Iraq or in the Middle East. Get your facts correct, stupid! And he also let his Libya ambassador and three others die in Benghazi.

Mr. Locsin’s Obama op-ed is a gigantic propaganda.

  • Here’s one proof that the real racist party is the Democratic Party. Look at how liberal ideologue Keith Olbermann tried to charactrize the Republican Party as the racist party for enforcing an immigration law that has been in force for decades. Who doesn’t have immigration law? Observe the liberal terms he used: “ethnic profiling”, “judge her on her appearance”, “ethnically slandered”. If you’re not keen enough, you’d fall to this type of disgusting, race-baiting liberal propaganda.





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  1. Woodrow Wilson, the man who allegedly showed ‘The Birth of a Nation’ in a private screening inside the White House.

    LBJ, who was the reason for the ghettos the blacks are currently living in, said “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” in relation to his social programs.

    Guess what those two have in common.

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