The Ugly Politics, Ideology Behind ‘Noynoying’

  • NOTE: This blog post was first posted on my website on March 23, 2012. 
    "Noynoying" simply exposes the Filipino Left's intellectual bankruptcy.

“Noynoying” simply exposes the Filipino New Left’s intellectual bankruptcy.

‘Noynoying’ is simply the same as that barefaced gambit being used by faux beggars to shame someone into giving alms. The only difference is that the President is being shamed- or bullied- into giving away other people’s money. When someone tries to shame you into giving him your hard-earned money, that person does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money. He does not pretend to be anything but a faux beggar, a parasite, or in tagalog word: palamunin. But those who try to shame the President into giving away people’s money or into sacrificing or regulating certain industries in order to serve what they call ‘the greater good’, flagrantly do it on moral grounds. 

The Filipino Left—those who call on the government to unleash price controls and regulations in order to serve the common good by curbing predatory oil price increases—has recently invented a new political ‘meme’ to smear and to put the President in a bad light.

During their March 15 protests against oil price hikes, pro-regulation and price control militants created the Orwellian newspeak ‘Noynoying’ designed to paint President Noynoy Aquino as a do-nothing or ‘petiks’ commander-in-chief.

As expected, this public display of ignorance and hipster activities was initiated by young militants from the University of the Philippines, the biggest recipient of public alms or abuloy(relief or aid) among state-subsidized universities and colleges. This new meme was designed by the country’s leftist and statist propagandists to shame the president into bowing to their progressive demands, namely, price controls, education and welfare subsidy, and more pro-poor programs.

‘Noynoying’ is simply the same as that barefaced gambit being used by faux beggars to shame someone into giving alms. The only difference is that the President is being shamed- or bullied- into giving away other people’s money. When someone tries to shame you into giving him your hard-earned money, that person does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money. He does not pretend to be anything but a faux beggar, a parasite, or in tagalog word: apalamunin. But those who try to shame the President into giving away people’s money or into sacrificing or regulating certain industries in order to serve what they call ‘the greater good’, flagrantly do it on moral grounds. They shamelessly believe their action or advocacy is for the good of everybody. But is it? I don’t think so.

A leftist leader of a militant youth group criticized the president for doing nothing to cushion the impact of or prevent the spike in crude prices and tuition rates.

Anakbayan national chairman Vencer Crisostomo told the Inquirer that the president has  “not lifted a finger but he should be doing something.” “That is Noynoying, when you do nothing when in fact you have something to do,” this potential communist propagandist said.

Apparently, this budding communist thug wants the RP’s CEO to go full-socialist. This shows that the college mentors of these young communist militants actually embody this ‘Noynoying’ attitude’ for failing to teach their radicalized students the proper value of reason and critical thinking skills. Indeed, this ‘Noynoying’ propaganda is one good evidence that the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory is being effectively practiced at UP and other state universities.

This Inquirer report shows this new political meme was created by young militants from UP, whose ‘communist’ education is being subsidized by taxpayers’ money. Yes, the country’s taxpayers, particularly private companies and establishments, are funding their own destroyers.

“On the UP campus Thursday afternoon, some youth protesters tried their best in outdoing each other’s Noynoying look.

“A female student in khaki shorts was on her back with shades on, as if without a care in the world, while another, in a dress, stared blankly out of a makeshift picture frame.

“The frame had the words: “Noynoying, walang ginawa!” painted in bright red.

“Mind you, the new buzzword is pronounced “Noynoy-ying” and not “Noy-noying,” Crisostomo said when asked for clarification.

“The UP contingent, numbering around 50 or so, marched on Philcoa where they held a noise barrage in support of the transport caravan led by the transport group Pinagkaisang Samahan ng Tsuper at Opereytors Nationwide (Piston) to dramatize their opposition to unabated oil price hikes and Malacañang’s perceived lack of action on the matter.”

But what is ‘Noynoying’, and what do its creators actually want?

It seems that state U's college mentors have been 'Noynoying' at work. They've produced a new breed of neo-Marxists. Photo credit:

Like the KONY 2012 that quickly backfired and was exposed as nothing but a phony liberal/pro-Obama propaganda, Noynoying went viral over the past few days, getting the attention of foreign media.

Wikipedia provides a ‘somehow’ objective definition of this new term: It “is a protest gimmick in the form of neologism which critics of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III have used to call attention to what they claim is the “do-nothing” work ethic and inaction of Aquino over emergency response and rising oil prices. The term is in reference to Aquino’s nickname, Noynoy.”

The Wall Street Journal defined this neologism as something that “involves sitting around staring into space, much like Mr. Aquino supposedly does instead of running the country, at least according to some of his critics.”

The Journal further states:

“Noynoying plays on the widespread perception that Mr. Aquino – who is widely known by the nickname Noynoy – might not be the most hands-on president to have led the Philippines. Since being elected in a landslide in 2010, Mr. Aquino has sometimes been caught laughing it up with celebrities instead of attending to the impact of typhoons and other disasters. It also taps into old Philippine folk tales about Juan Tamad, or Lazy Juan, who manages to get by doing the least amount of work to get by.”

Basically, this new term is politically motivated. The main intention of its creators—the country’s leftists and welfare-statists—is to portray the president as a ‘Lazy Juan Tamad’ who does nothing to serve the alleged interests of his constituents in time of crisis. The timing is there. The leftist militants used their anti-oil price hikes protests to paint Noynoy as a do-nothing commander-in-chief.

But first, let me clarify that I am a rabid critic of the President. I reject much of his political aspirations and programs such as the proposed antitrust law, the conditional transfer program, his support of the Reproductive Health bill, and new proposed regulatory policies and welfare programs. However, I cannot support this mediocre, anti-intellectual ‘Noynoying’ campaign of and by the country’s leftists and welfare-statists.

Let us not drop the context of this Orwellian effort by the leftists to paint the president as anti-welfare. Noynoy is, without a doubt, a Welfare President. He is pro-welfare, as evidenced by his many welfare and regulatory programs. However, the leftists seek to fit him into their Marxist mold. They’re so disappointed that Noynoy is not leftist or pro-welfare enough to issue price controls and to provide more subsidies. They’re so disappointed that their ‘man’ is not as radical Marxist as his father Ninoy.

The President’s response to his leftist critics?

“How can one show something to a person who does not want to see, or make him listen when he does not want to listen?” said the President. “But for me, I have all the statistics,” he added.

“I’ve been in office for 21 months and the record was broken 21 times,” Mr. Aquino said, referring to the stock exchange index.

The President said he could not do anything if some militant groups would not appreciate the efforts being carried out by his administration. “I will just try to do what is right and what I think would give results,” he added.

“When we started out, given the enormity of the problems, we thought two years minimum before you start sensing things are changing. But I think it’s [already] happening,” the President said.

It seems that the President himself does not understand- or refuses to understand- the context of this “Noynoying” propaganda by his leftist critics. Understanding the context of a political meme, propaganda, or any political attack is the only key to knowing the intention, demands, or aspirations of its actors/creators. Yet it seems that most political pundits and media commentators in this country do not actually understand the political context of this newly coined smear term.

Let me help them understand the ideology or philosophy and the political context behind ‘Noynoying’.

  • It is a politically motivated neologism designed to shame the President into bowing to its creators’ political agenda.
  • Its purpose is to make the President issue price controls (to control the price of oil and other goods) and provide more welfare to the people.
  • The end-result of this propaganda is anti-reason, anti-economic freedom, and anti-capitalism. The President cannot simply control the prices of oil and other goods because that would lead to disastrous economic consequences.
  • It is motivated by the ideology of Marxism. Since the Philippines is not fully socialist state, the intention of the term’s creators is simply to regulate the means of production through price controls and other regulatory policies, and to issue more welfare programs.
  • The term’s creators basically want a higher level of welfare statism in the Philippines through a slow process of collectivization. This slow process of welfare state can be done by introducing more regulations and welfare programs.

Like I said, the timing is there. The Filipino people, the leftists claim, is now being punished or enslaved by corporate greed. They then point to oil price hikes that severely affect the country’s economy.

Take for example this propagandist charge by militant organizations and transport groups that oil companies imposed a P9.00 per liter overpricing last year. The Department of Energy last year requested Piston Secretary General George San Mateo “for the basis of the P9.00 calculation.” The energy department has not yet received any response so far.  Instead the transport group, along with other leftist/militant groups continued to spread this lie or propaganda to fool the masses.

“It appears that [the transport group’s] claim is undue profit margin of oil companies,” said Energy Undersecretary Jay Layug, qualifying though that Republic Act 8479 or the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act “does not prescribe limits for margin of oil companies.”

“In 2011, the oil companies have raised their prices consistent with the ERB formula except for instances when they added cost of biofuels,” Layug said.

It appears that the culmination of this sustained, highly exaggerated Marxist propaganda was the March 15 protest wherein the leftists’ young counterparts shamelessly demonstrated their ‘Noynoying’ pose at the University of the Philippines and other protest venues.

Now if the leftists want lower oil prices, they should call for the repeal of the 2006 Biofuels Act that helps increase the price of oil products in the country.

Yet one of the major demands of the leftists is the repeal or abolition of the Oil Deregulation Law, which allows oil companies to increase the prices of their petroleum products.

I say, the country’s Marxists missed the point. Massive regulation of the oil industry is not the answer to oil price hikes. Many countries today, including the United States, confront the same ‘oil’ problem. The government cannot order or compel oil companies to sell at a loss when domestic oil prices are being dictated by external factors.

Like I said in a previous post:

“If you want lower oil prices, then the solution is very simple: support economic freedom in the Philippines, not the legalized strangulation of business. Yes, you should advocate for the opening up of our protectionist, highly regulated economy to foreign investors to allow and attract more investors through constitutional reform. The so-called oil cartels and other cartels you all seek to abolish were all established and supported by the current political system- by the government – and by the Constitution. Thus, if you want a progressive, economically stable Philippines, you should support economic freedom, deregulation, removal of protectionism, lower taxes, and objective rule of law. Why not check your flawed premises? Try to look at it this way: it’s the government that must be- and ought to be- regulated and controlled, not industries or the private sector. Freedom from government intervention is what this country badly needs!”

By carefully connecting the dots, one can objectively understand the real story and ideological motivation behind this ‘Noynoying’ propaganda. Any rational, pro-reason, pro-capitalist individual must not join— but instead expose the ideology behind— the anti-Noynoying mob. Not all anti-government propaganda is pro-freedom. In this country, most anti-government movements are motivated by Leftism or Marxism. The clueless people behind these leftist movements simply want to replace our mixed economy bordering on socialism with an absolute socialist, welfare state.

In regard to certain economic problems like oil price hikes and education subsidies, yes, the President should do nothing. Instead, he should support the abolition of the 1987 Constitution and call for a national transition toward a free market economy by opening our country to foreign investors, downsizing the government, guaranteeing economic freedom, abolishing welfare programs and government-owned and controlled entities, cutting taxes, and focusing on the real concept of individual rights.


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