911 Kiddie Calls that Will Surely Melt Your Heart

You know kids usually say the darndest things, but when it comes to 911 calls they’re just adorable and things they say melt hearts.

Here are some of the amazing 911 calls from innocent yet courageous little kids.

1. Intelligent and funny five-year old Savannah saved her father who was struggling to breathe. ‘So far so good’… 

2. Clever four-year old Alex called 911 to report his mom who fell down the stairs. The kid’s a hero! 

3. This four-year-old boy called the emergency hotline to save his mom who passed out. He says: “A bad guy is coming.” He’s referring to emergency staff who came to rescue his mom.

4. No, this three-year old little boy didn’t dial 911. The number is 999– it’s Scotland’s emergency hotline. Funny, he can barely speak. But still, this little hero was able to save his mom.

5. This smart and brave kid dialed 911 to save his babysitter who collapsed.

6. Six-year old Cole Steffens called 911 after his sister started choking on a pretzel. An amazing story!

7. When a father falls down the stairs, his son knows to call 911 from watching Rescue 911 episodes on TV.

8. Six-year-old Maddy proved she’s a big girl by saving her mom who had seizure.

9. This five-year-old kid from Florida dialed 911 to save his dad’s life.

So far, these kiddie heroes are way smarter than adult 911 callers, such as the ones in this funny clip:





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