The RH Bill ‘Miracles’

NOTE: This article was first posted on my old site on May 18, 2011. 

I now believe that there is such thing as a “miracle.” Yes,“may himala!”

Nora Aunor's right! Miracle shits happen... LOL!There’s one thing- or issue- that proves the validity of this Noranian claim- that miracles happen- and this is the RH bill.

Here are the miracles made possible by the RH bill brouhaha:

1. Suddenly, taxation became a hit thing. The RH bill did a miracle by making thousands- if not millions- of people accept the goodness and beauty of taxation. The Filipino Freefarters (freethinkers) say, “Taxes for RH: Public Funding for a Public Good” (just google it). So let’s just learn to embrace and love more taxes and higher tax rates because taxation for public good is after all a good thing. Yeah right!

Don’t you think this issue could give any potential dictator an idea on how to turn this country into a stinking dictatorial hellhole overnight by simply promising the people more state-funded freebies and public goods? Hmmm… This is what most dictators did in the past. They simply promised to deliver the common good and social welfare, and their citizen-idiots believed them. Thus, those idiots deserved their tragic fate.

2. Suddenly, more and more people became idiots and morons… It’s amazing how the RH bill turned lots of Filipinos into a herd of mindless, religion-hating, pro-big government nuts. Why? They argue that if you’re against the bill, you’re a Catholic. They think that it’s a religious issue, disregarding the fact it is, in reality, an ideological/intellectual issue.

3. It’s both amazing and miraculous how the RH bill implies that “freedom of choice” is nonexistent in the Philippines so it must be guaranteed and legislated by the government. What does freedom of choice mean in the first place? It means that you are free to make personal choices so long as you do not violate the rights of others. It means that under the current setup you can still practice family planning, buy and use condoms and pills, stop attending your Sunday mass.

4. It’s a miracle that thousands of people applauded and praised a rights-violating publicity hound named Carlos Celdran. Lots of people think it’s OK to violate a group’s (Catholic Church’s) property rights, freedom to believe in *shits*, and steal that group’s anti-RH *shit* streamer so long as you do it for the poor and the common good. Yes, miracle shits happen!

5. Suddenly, most people came to love, though unwittingly, the government. That’s how some people behave whenever our populist politicians speak about doling out freebies. Yet what they don’t know is that more freebies mean more opportunity for these populist politicians to gain more power and do graft and corruption.

6. Suddenly, it’s now OK and acceptable to force, coerce health care providers to serve the poor and the marginalized even if that’s against their conscience and freedom of religion. Also, the bill states it’s OK to jail these health care providers if they refuse or fail to comply with its provisions. Talk about institutionalized slavery! Isn’t that a miracle? And lots of people accept it!

7. Suddenly, the Philippines became “overpopulated” that Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman and his ilk talk about the undeniable link between overpopulation and poverty. By the way, what’s the country’s population density? The answer is 794.1 per square mile (306.6 per square kilometre). Hmmm… What does that mean then? Well, the anti-population advocates can always say, “we have to control our population before it’s too late!” The proper question then is, HOW? In the first place, the country’s fertility rate has been on the wane for a couple of years.


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