Let the Individualist Revolution Begin!

An Irish political philosopher once said more than 200 years ago: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing.”

Yesterday I posted this passionate self-made quotation on my Facebook wall: “To attack public education and welfare statism, one must identify their philosophical roots: the concept of “right” to education” and of a ‘Santa Claus’ government. We cannot approach this issue by simply pointing out distressing statistics and empirical studies about the failure of public education.”

A fraternity brother made the following comment: “bradi,,, ur right. Try thinking also sometimes for yourself, …it’s great noticing your idealism,,,hope you will not end up frustrated in the end…anyway, isa rin ako sa mga kagaya m n tuloy pa ring umaasa ng isang magandang bukas para sa bayan…hehehehe…”

In reply I wrote: “I believe it is worth fighting for, bro…”

Everything we believe in is worth fighting for. Even the communists or socialists believe they are engaged in a revolution worth dying for. But make no mistake. I don’t buy our President father’s most famous aphorism, “The Filipino is worth dying for.” I passionately believe that it is the “idea” that’s worth living for, not dying for. It is the idea that we should spread the virtue of reason, individualism and free-market capitalism that fires us up. It is this idea that keeps me going despite drawing so much anger and irrational criticisms from people who simply take ideas for granted and who believe that the government possesses the magical power to provide us with our basic needs.

No amount of collectivist anger or public condemnation could ever stop me from what I’m doing. I have seen the enemy a long time ago and I found it to be impotent. The enemy offers no valid, rational arguments for it’s like a vulture that feeds on the ignorance and gullibility of the unthinking herd. Yes, the enemy is intellectually and psychologically bankrupt. It utters nothing but contempt for reason, freedom and individualism, as well as incoherent and contradicting arguments and vague generalities. It has no reality to stand on simply because its premises are hinged on a monstrous fantasy- on a mystical notion that ‘we are our brothers keepers’ and that we must offer our lives and strength to the greater good.

As a result of the ongoing assault on reason and individualism, today we see young people, professors and intellectuals who proclaim that everybody has a right to education, health care, housing, pension, or almost every kind of public welfare. We see intellectuals who preach anti-capitalistic, collectivist and anti-reason ideas. They preach that we are our brothers’ keepers and that we must sacrifice our lives for the sake of the greater good. We see career politicians who shamelessly proclaim that it is their duty to serve the needs of the people. We see and hear professors and media personalities who urge the government to be our “nanny state.” We see protesters calling for more government services and goods. In short, we see more and more people calling on the government to inflate its scope of powers in order to serve people’s immediate needs. Yes, these are just a few symptoms of the nation’s intellectual bankruptcy that we continue to ignore.

We are now in an age of mediocrity ruled by the country’s intellectual mystics and collectivists. Unless the collectivist trend is reversed, the coming of a dictatorship of the left (communists) or the so-called right (fascism) is just a matter of time. The socialist members in Congress, who found a way to pursue their collectivist goal under the party-list system, are now advancing,  taking advantage of our mediocre Constitution that continues to compromise our liberty and freedom to temporary unity and security. This creepy collectivist trend also takes a fillip from schools, religious institutions and the intellectuals that are preaching the value of altruism, self-sacrifice and the evil of self-interest. Unknown to them, the common denominator between communism, religion and our dominant mediocre culture is altruism.

The philosophy of Karl Marx is founded on the morality of altruism and is immortalized by that altruistic axiom: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”Socialism/communism demands that man must serve others and that he must offer his life to the state or to the dictator. Religionists echo the same ideal—that man must serve the good and interests of others and pursue the will of God. Both the academics and the intellectuals, on the other hand, demand for more government control. They demand that all people be chained to that collectivist principle that man, being a social being, is a means to the ends of others.

In this age of mediocrity and great compromise, it is not surprising that no one in this country ever attempts to offer a moral defense of capitalism and expose the evil of altruism and collectivism. The philosophy of both the mystics of muscle (communists/fascists) and the mystics of spirit (theocrats/religionists) is based on the morality of altruism, and the only corollary of the socio-political struggle of either group is collectivism. Ergo, the only choice to protect and defend our freedom is capitalism, and the only way to advance the cause of freedom and man’s rights is to have a rational intellectual leadership based on the philosophy for living on earth. The world you desire exists— but it can only be achieved by embracing the right choice.


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