Democracy: The Greatest Lie in the Modern World

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” — Edmund Burke

Here’s a very interesting and informative documentary that tackles the historical roots of the most touted social system today: Democracy. Why is “democracy” as we know it the greatest lie in the modern era?

The following is a short description of the documentary titled Athens: The Truth about Democracy:

We choose to forget that in the name of democracy, Athens followed a policy of aggressive overseas expansion and persecuted some of its leading intellectuals. Despite its recent popularity in the West, democracy in ancient Athens did not flourish but quickly died.Bettany Hughes searches for the truth about the Golden Ageof Ancient Athens, investigating how a barren rock wedged between the East and West became the first democracy 2,500 years ago.

Democracy, liberty and the freedom of speech are trumpeted as the bedrock of western civilisation, but what was Athens really like?

Bettany goes deep underground to explore a treasure trove of pre-historic bones and ancient artefacts. In silver mines and tombs she uncovers evidence for what this society was really like.

This was a democratic city built on slave labour, manipulated by aristocrats, where women wore the veil and men pursued a bloody foreign policy, slaughtering thousands in the pursuit of the world’s first democratic empire.

The programme reveals amazing, sophisticated voting systems but also a society where smooth-talking politicians used spin, and where those who didn’t vote were known as idiotes.

The film charts the epic story of Athens’ victory in one of the greatest sea battles of the ancient world, when the Athenian triremes defeat Xerxes’ mighty Persian fleet at Salamis, and reveals the real story of the building of the greatest monument of this first democracy – the Parthenon – as a symbol of Athenian power.

There’s one EVIL word in the realm of politics that I can think of: DEMOCRACY. This word- a wolf in sheep’s clothing- is so evil that it destroyed and continues to destroy the minds of the unthinking people, mostly the educated.

Since I’ so much tired of explaining why I arrived at this definitive conclusion, let me just quote a few of my previous statements on the matter.

In an earlier blog entitled The Moral Base of the Filipino Nation and Philippines’ Intellectual Bankruptcy, I stated the following:

The words “republican” and “democratic” are two distinct terms, bearing different meanings and denotations. This is one example of Philippine departure from the American constitution. Federalist papers show that the framers of the American Constitution refused to use the word democratic to describe the political system of the United States not merely because it is vague, but also because it was not their intention to establish a democratic state. According to James Madison, his idea of a republican state does not mean popular democracy in which power is left in the hands of the people (Box 76). In a true republican state, political power is delegated through popular elections to elected officials, thereby providing a shielding barrier from reckless or injudicious mob governance.

But this particular section clearly shows the character of the Philippine Constitution, a mixture of reason and emotions, or a blending of freedom and slavery. What the 1987 Constitution seeks to establish—and it already has— is not a free society, but a mixed economy in which socialism or dictatorship is in advance given an advantage. This is not to say that the framers of the Constitution intended to deliver this country to scheming socialist or fascist thugs sooner or later. This is simply the effect of a system that establishes a mixed economy. What is clear is that the current charter is the ultimate result of the educational system and philosophical trend that are reining the country today. Hence, the 1987 Constitution was influenced by the following thinkers— Karl Marx as to Article II or the Declaration of Principles and State Policies; Immanuel Kant and Plato as to the philosophical foundation of the Constitution; John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman as to its economic principles; and the proponents of egalitarianism.

Also in this blog this is what I stated:

We have been taught by our teaches and professors, as well us our absurd intellectuals, that the Philippines is a “democratic country.” We face constitutional perils and destructions of our rights because of the notion that democracy is a noble idea. Democracy is nothing but an EVIL idea! But it seems that nobody in this country recognizes the fact that democracy is a mythical idea that must be rejected. Yes, the Constitution states, under Section 1, Article II that “The Philippines is ademocratic and republican State. Sovereignity resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them” (emphasis added). Democracy simply means “mob rule” or “rule of the majority.” This means that the majority can vote and abrogate our rights like what is happening today. Democracy is an evil idea conceived in ancient Greece. History tells us that the first victim of “democracy”was Socrates who was condemned by the people to death because of his influence on the youth. This country must be and ought to be a Republican state, period!


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