When the Global Warming Lie is Sold to Incompetent World Leaders

The very enemy of a global lie claiming that global warming is man-made is SCIENCE…
  • NOTE: This was first posted on my old site on Dec. 18, 2009. 

IT is inconceivable to note that the issue of climate change has led to the official merger of religion and environmentalism. The United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen is the culmination of the dystopian dream of global environmentalists to elevate climate change to the level of religion. With this, anyone who attempts to question the truth about climate change would risk being labeled as a “blasphemer.” The conspiracy among the top brass in the United Nations, global environmentalists, and influential politicians seeks to cheat reality by substituting scientific facts to what they call global consensus. Reality-based facts or scientific facts are the metaphysically given. They cannot be simply changed, distorted or altered by means of consensus, political or philosophical, global or local.

Science is achieved and established through the process of reason. To come up with an objective and honest study, scientists and climatologists have to observe reality through the process of induction and the application of scientific methods or formulation. The result of their observation or study is considered a product of science. This is in pursuant to the law of identity and the law of causality. A scientific research or discovery must reflect reality— that which is the subject of research or discovery. The law of causality refers to the cause and effect— to the scientific process and its end-result or the product of science.

But this is not what the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wants to show the world. Several pieces of evidence and peer-reviewed scientific works have surfaced to dispute the claim of the IPCC that global warming is man-made. If people want to know the real “scientific truth,” they should permit science to develop. They should encourage scientists to conduct more research and studies on  climate change. But this is not what’s happening. Government leaders and the UN are now using political powers to silence dissents and stop those who attempt to question the scientific validity of the IPCC reports and the so-called peer-reviewed researches by a questionable number of scientists who confirmed the UN’s claim. Today we are witnessing the rise of a new secular religion that is out to invade the sovereignty of independent nations and to pollute the consciousness of the people.

Al Gore, the patron saint of global environmentalism, and his ilk have to employ political and monetary powers and influence at their disposal in order to prevent the development of science. Science is the only answer to the global lies perpetrated by evil men who seek global power. To defend science, more than 30,000 scientists the world over have signed up to debunk global arming and decided to sue Al Gore. Unfortunately, most US media which include CNN refused to cover the the arguments of these 30,000 scientists.

As expected, most government leaders have been sold to this global lie designed to waylay economic progress and bring the world to a primitive jungle. One of them is, of course, the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who is one of the worst graduates of economics in history. In her speech in Copenhagen on December 19, 2009, Mrs. Arroyo claimed that she was a “keynote speaker to demonstrate what happens to a climate taker not a climate maker.” She referred to the Philippines as the “taker” of the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Mrs. Arroyo said in part:

“The inter-governmental panel on climate change paints a stark picture of the challenges we faced due to climate change. Consistent with the global finance of the IBCC, our Philippine weather bureau says that the temperature in our country increased at an average of .61 degrees Celsius from 1951 to 2006. The UN reported that the Philippines is one of the top twelve countries at the greatest risk from climate change. In fact, we topped the list of nations most in danger of facing more frequent and more intense storms as the impact of climate change intensifies. The western part of the Pacific where we belong, seize more tropical cyclones than any of the five other ocean basins. And among Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines is the most exposed and the most sensitive to climate hazards due to our geographical, geophysical and socio-economic circumstances.

“We’re always the first one to be hit because the Philippines fronts the ocean basin. We often experience the brunt of the typhoon intensity in rainfall which has been increasing. In the last two decades alone the Philippines suffered damages that caused the death of 25,000 people. Twenty-two storms have hit the Philippines this year. The typhoons are becoming more horrific; the rains more violent; the seas more savage.

“We are highly susceptible to flooding. This is during large part of the fact that we are an archipelago of over 7,000 islands with the majority of our people living in low-lying areas exposed to sea level rises. Seventy per cent of our cities and towns are coastal areas. The Philippines is among the top ten countries with a high population occupying the low elevation coastal zone defined as a coastal zone with less than ten meters of elevation. This has been implications of coastal flooding, extreme heavy rainfall induces flooding and landslides across the country. The land lost due to a one-meter sea level rise is estimated to be within 90,000 hectares and 140,000. At one-meter sea level rise will affect approximately ten per cent of the total land area of Metro Manila, while a two-meter sea level rise will affect fourteen per cent.”

She mentioned about flooding and other devastating calamities that hit the country every year. This brings to mind the typhoon Ondoy that severely ravaged Metro Manila in September this year. In effect, Mrs. Arroyo is trying to put the blame on global warming. Her rhetoric suggests that global warming is to blame for all the calamities that caused the loss of many lives and severely damaged multi-billion peso worth of property this year.

Mrs. Arroyo went on to say the following:

“And apart from typhoons, global warming is also affecting our agriculture, our fishing stocks, our forests and our cities. Climate change impacts on our ecosystems such as the increase of sea temperature of .5 degrees Celsius. This causes coral bleaching. In some areas about half of the corals have died. Even in an ideal world with successful economic development and efficient energy technologies, temperatures are still projected to increase beyond sustainable targets and beyond the threshold and highly vulnerable, low-lying archipelagoes like the Philippines. Our ecosystems can only be sustainable if we enhance their integrity. That is why even if we already have a good carbon footprint, we are still committed to further protect our natural systems and ecological processes by vigorously implementing our very progressive environmental laws such as: the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act; the Clean Water Act; the Clean Air Act; the Renewable Energy Act, considered the best in the world; the Bio-Fuels Act; the National Integrated Protected Areas Act; the Fisheries Code; and now most recently, the Climate Change Act.”

Mrs. Arroyo would like to conceal the fact that she is incompetent and irresponsible.

The typhoon Ondoy that submerged entire Metro Manila was clearly a natural phenomenon, but logic tells us that its effects could have been prevented had the government known how to deal with the forces of nature. A natural phenomenon is the metaphysically given, meaning that which is part of nature and beyond the power of man to control. The typhoon Ondoy that put the entire metropolis under water is the metaphysically given. We cannot— since we don’t have any powerful climate-altering technology yet— control natural calamities like typhoon, earthquake, and tsunami, but we can control or minimize their effects. Flooding, which is the effect of continuous rainfall, is not the metaphysically given, thus it can be controlled or manipulated by man.

It is clear that Mrs. Arroyo would like to exonerate herself from moral responsibility by putting the blame on climate change. A responsible government would adopt effective measures and employ reliable technology like weather radar and flood monitoring devices to deal with the forces of nature. Man must use reason to survive. If man knows that he has to deal with strong typhoons from the months of June to September, he must obey nature by finding out the causes and potentialities of typhoons, then command nature by setting up better flood controls. This situation also applies to government. Mrs. Arroyo herself admitted that the her territory is always the “first one to be hit because the Philippines fronts the ocean basin.” She is aware that the Philippines is vulnerable “to devastation of mother nature accelerated by the mistreatment of the fragile environment by human beings all over the world.” Simply put, the incumbent President is not ignorant of the fact that the country needs to adopt effective measures and use technology to control or minimize the effects of natural calamities. But did she do anything to properly deal with the forces of nature? Did her government obey nature and then command it by adopting proper flood-control measures?

The aftermath of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng is a metaphysical proof that the Arroyo government was remiss in its duty as the protector of its people. Now Mrs. Arroyo talked as if she was detached from reality. She claimed that global warming is the real culprit. But what is clear is that Mrs. Arroyo is trying to appropriate the global warming rhetoric to conceal the irresponsibility of her own government. She wants to hide the fact that she is an incompetent and irresponsible leader. She is also joining the global warming farce because it is a hot global issue and because her idol Barack Obama is its main endorser.

On the issue of carbon dioxide emission, the Philippines has a “per capita CO2 equivalent emission of only 1.6 tons compared to the world average of six tons” because it is not an economically and industrially progressive country. Mrs. Arroyo is fully convinced that the so-called global warming is “man made.” She argued that “to avert the most dangerous climate change, global emissions must decline by 2020.” Yes, the President of the Philippines and other leaders of developing countries “cannot afford to leave Copenhagen without a deal” because the environmental summit seeks to sacrifice the developed countries to developing countries.

Most government leaders like Mrs. Arroyo believed that the most proper way to deal with the so-called global warming is to go back to a primitive way of living. They do not only seek to suspend the progress of science, they also want to kill the hero in every man.


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