The Sick Mind of the Leftists

“The fascists of the future will be called antifascists.” — Winston Churchill

I have always thought that if there’s one thing that the socialists/communist could claim as some sort of achievement, it would only be their passionate ability to create lies, myths and propaganda.

I have seen first hand how the stupid Leftists or socialists manufactured lies, sickening propaganda as well as personal attacks in order to serve their evil agenda. There’s this Facebook group created by some hippyish Leftists to counter a runaway awareness campaign against socialism, communism, fascism, or any form of collectivist “ism” in the Philippines. This socialist/fascist Facebook group that advocates for the ‘collectivization’ or the conversion of the Philippines into a Maoist or Marxist slave pen is called NO TO PHILIPPINE FASCISM.

All socialists or leftists are detached from reality. All of them are irrational and stupid. But I must admit the fact that they are somehow aware of the nature of this battle. Yes, they know, albeit not consciously, that they are engaged in a battle of ideas.

Let me state my personal observation of this Facebook group. It is an online collective of— for—and by the socialist hippies and beatniks who are totally ignorant of the concept of reason anddefinition. Here’s the reason why they deserve to be called socialist idiots, hippies, and beatniks: they don’t even know that COMMUNISM and FASCISM are two ideological concepts that belong to the same ideological umbrella: COLLECTIVISM.

In my blog entitled The Insane Logic of Stupid Socialists, I gave the similarities between Fascism and Communism, and they are as follows:

  1. Both communism and fascism reject the concept of individual rights. Both regard the individual as the means to the ends of others. Capitalism does the opposite.
  2. Both communism and fascism are collectivist ideologies.
  3. Both communism and fascism are a form of totalitarian rule or dictatorship. Any individual may be sacrificed or immolated for the sake of common good, public welfare, or whatever the majority or the dictator deems as ‘practical’ or ‘necessary’ for the sake of the good of the majority or the state.
  4. Both communism and fascism negate the concept of private property. If communism regards private property as nonexistence, fascism regards private property as a political privilege that may only be given to a special class or group of people (e.g., cronies, czars, etc.)
  5. Both communism and fascism regard that political power may only be achieved through bloody revolution or class struggle.
  6. Both communism and fascism are racist ideologies. Karl Marx regarded the capitalist people or ethnic states as “racial trash”, while Adolf Hitler considered the Jews and ethnic minorities as lower forms of animal.
  7. Both communism and fascism are enemies of capitalism.
  8. Both communism and fascism consider the fact that killing is necessary to achieve their respective political or utopian goal.
  9. Both communism and fascism are about BIG GOVERNMENT, while capitalism is about limited government.
  10. Both communist and fascist states are ruled by dictators under a one-party system, while a capitalist state is governed by democratically elected leaders.

If the socialists had any brains, they would be able to grasp the striking similarities between Fascism and Communism. Here’s the dirty, dishonest and desperate propaganda of the most passionate advocates of communism and their lesser minions: they try to LUMP or PUT TOGETHER those who oppose their socialist/communist utopian vision as supporters or advocates of fascism. This crooked political trick is one of the most visible trademarks of every Marxist. This was perfectly applied by Stalin to protect himself against his own paranoia during his dark days in power. Stalin’s paranoia resulted in the death of more than 20 million of his own people, including members of his army, intellectuals, and dissenters. This was also applied by Hitler to eradicate the communists in Germany in order to achieve his totalitarian goal.

Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Great Britain, once said:

“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”

I did cheer up, too, because their personal, adhominem and outrageously fallacious attacks only show they have not a single political or rational argument left. It means they’re nothing but a bunch of empty-headed socialist beatniks.

Now check NO TO PHILIPPINE FASCISM Facebook group to see how some desperate beatniks and hippies resort to personal and ad hominem attack.

There’s this half-wit, brainless socialist beatnik with an under-developed brain named Rey Refran (perhaps the creator of this fascistic Facebook group) who sent me the following private message via Facebook: “mag-ingat ka sa ginagalawan mo baka mukas makalawa may punglo ka na sa ulo mo…” Since I never met this lunatic, hateful Leftist personally or online I told him to “go to hell!”

Little did I know this Rey Refran successfully earned the moniker “PROFESSIONAL TROLL” because of his bizarre acts and stupidity. I found out that he’s been trolling various online groups, websites, and Facebook communities just to spread his socialist idiocy.

This Rey Refran is the best proof that most socialists or Leftists are violent, brainless, and stupid sub-human creatures. If they can’t argue their case in a logical, rational, and civil manner, they resort to threat, intimidation, or any other form of fascistic and irrational personal attack.

Now the real fascists are those who dogmatically resort to threat and intimidation like this stupid Rey Refran and his mindless peers.

Check the following snap shots below:

Stupid Rey Refran's idiotic Facebook threat...

Stupid Rey Refran’s idiotic Facebook threat…

Hardcore fascist/socialist Rey Refran is the kind of dictatorial guy who resorts to Facebook threats just to make sure his evil ideology is unopposed…

Stupid and brainless Rey Refran threatening another Facebook user.

Stupid and brainless Rey Refran threatening another Facebook user.

It seems that this hardcore fascist Rey Refran is trying to threaten those who oppose his communist utopian dream. This guy really embodies the traits of a real-life fascist or tyrant.

Here's how a real FASCIST acts and thinks...

Here’s how a real FASCIST acts and thinks…

And Rey Refran is ready and willing to hurt or kill a woman or anybody who tries to oppose his evil ideology. How scary! Is this guy crazy?

This is how stupid and irrational most socialists are...

This is how stupid and irrational most socialists are…


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