A Friendly Letter to All Pro-RH Bill Freaks

These people must be on Marxist crack!
  • NOTE: This article was first posted on my old site on Feb. 14, 2011.

Dear pro-RH bill freaks,

I read a very interesting online news about RH bill supporters giving away free condoms before or during Valentine’s day. Good job then, RH bill crack-heads! We, secular anti-RH bill people, fully support your altruistic- or charitable- move. In fact, what you did is very much commendable. However, we do not support your call to make the government the provider of people’s RH care needs- or to call on the government to violate the employers’ rights by forcing them to provide the RH care needs of their workers against their will, for this is a violation of the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law.

But here’s a better deal. Since you are willing to use the power of the state to steal from others so to help the poor and the weak, and since you’re very much worried about the effects of alleged overpopulation, we suggest the following methods/strategies to help you achieve your altruistic, welfarist RH bill goals:

  • Have the courage to undergo mass ligation (for RH bill women supporters) and mass vasectomy (for men). We, anti-RH bill people, will shoulder your medical expenses.
  • If you’re so worried about overpopulation, go KILL yourselves first or offer your lives to the poor and the weak until the day you die. That is, commit MASS SUICIDE as some anti-population freaks did in other countries.
  • If selfless service for the the welfare of the poor is your fundamental goal in life, form an organization of pro-RH bill advocates or concerned citizens with the altruistic vision to provide for the poor people’s RH care needs. We don’t want to take part in your self-sacrificing agenda. However, we guarantee you that charitable private corporations and organizations will support your altruistic goals.
  • Call on all leftists/Marxists/sociologists/neo-Liberals/statists in the country, particularly the Marxists in Congress, to pool their money for the benefit of the poor and less privileged women.
  • Mass migrate to North Korea, Cuba or Venezuela where the government provides for the needs (e.g. education, health care, abortion, transport, etc.) of their people from womb to tomb. We, anti-RH bill people, guarantee to shoulder your mass transport expenses.
  • If you want a welfare-statist government that would provide everything you need, we suggest that you form a new political party, say, Pro-RH Bill Party or Welfare Statists Party, and join the political process in 2016. You have all the right to influence the government just as the Catholic priests also have the right to influence our statist politicians. Here, you would have the freedom and the right to vote for a pro-RH bill or pro-welfare presidentiable (e.g. Rep. Edcel Lagman or Rep. Risa Hontiveros) who would guarantee to provide you everything you need from womb to tomb.
  • If you want to spread sex education and other RH bill information, please have the initiative to spread them privately and at your own expense. There are parents who don’t want their kids undergo this kind of leftist/Marxist indoctrination fully supported by sociology professors (who are all Marxists) and anti-population intellectuals like Winnie Monsod. Have Winnie Monsod lead your new political party or altruist organization. You may also provide free family planning counseling to poor people who’d like to avail of your free services.
  • If you want all workers to have free RH care services, why not start your own business or form a corporation whose stockholders are all pro-RH care advocates? Is this not a good idea? If you believe that most Filipinos support your idea, we also believe that many would be very much willing to selflessly invest in your RH care Corporation without any guarantee of possible return on investment. You might want to manufacture condoms, pregnancy test and contraceptive products, etc. But take note that your new Corporation is created to serve the poor people’s common good or greater good, thus its primary corporate goal is to provide the RH care and perhaps education and transport needs of its workers.
  • Since your RH bill seeks to coerce all doctors to abide by its unconstitutional provisions, why not call on all pro-RH bill doctors and health care providers to take part in your new organization? We believe there are doctors who do not support the RH bill. You might not want to violate their rights to ‘freedom of choice.’
  • If you’re so disgusted with the Catholic priests for trying to influence the government, why not create a new religion that would preach anti-population and statist gospels? You might want to join the statist group of the Filipino Freethinkers who are using science and reason and freedom to advance their own pro-big government, pro-fascism, pro-government control agenda.
  • Since some of us, anti-RH bill secularists, support abortion, we encourage your women to seek abortion especially now that the Congress is due to start a debate on the beginning of life.
  • You might also want to entertain and provide life-encouraging services to the poor and women. Why not call on dramatist Carlos Celdran and all actors and actresses who manifested their RH bill support to achieve this goal?

We still believe that despite the many state regulations and interventionist laws which you supported or helped support, we are still a free country. However, we disagree with your highly idiotic evaluation that ‘freedom of choice’ requires government intervention. We believe that ‘freedom of choice’ is part of our humanity, thus it is not created, provided for, financed, or forced by the government through the use of coercive, non-objective legislation. The only proper role of the state is to recognize, respect and protect this freedom against possible violation by its agents or private individuals. Allow me to say it very clearly, your RH bill seeks to violate freedom of choice because freedom, in the strictest sense of the word, is not a creature of law, government edict or any political decree; it is part of our nature as human beings.

Since we are still a free country, you are free to do whatever you want or advocate any statist program provided that you refrain from violating the rights of others. You have the right and freewill to form any kind of organization or political party that would deliver the promises of your anti-population, pro-welfarist vision, but you don’t have the right to turn the government into a rights-violating entity by making it the provider of everything the poor people need. Freedom of action and thought is one of the hallmarks of a free society. However, we believe a free society is an informed society, but such an information is not to be provided for, financed or guaranteed by the state. The delivery or absorption of any form of information, whether bad or good, should come from people’s private effort or initiative.

We believe that with the grace of God or any statist entity (if you’re an atheist like me), you would be able to achieve your statist, altruist goals. Just pray to your God (if you have any), or join the welfarist-mystical group of the Filipino Freethinkers for some pseudo-intellectual guidance.

Very disgusted RH bill opponent,

The Vincenton Post


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